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By Jitin Gambhir

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian poses topless in baby bump selfie

Kourtney Kardashian has a long history of sharing sexy pregnancy selfies. Recently, her company Poosh posted a provocative photo on Instagram of the reality star during her first trimester. In the picture, Kardashian is seen wearing only unbuttoned jeans and covering her chest with one hand while taking the photo with the other. She stands barefoot in her closet, exuding confidence and style.

Along with the photo, Kardashian asked her social media followers for tips on how to navigate the challenges of the first trimester. She shared her own experiences in a blog post on Poosh, offering advice on how to combat nausea by drinking lemon water and taking daily walks. Additionally, she recommended pregnant women elevate their legs and wear compression socks to reduce swelling.

In her blog post, Kardashian also advised her readers on how to avoid nausea and incorporate exercise into their routines. She shared her personal practice of elevating her legs for 20 minutes in the evening, using a wedge under her back and resting her legs on the headboard. She emphasized the importance of setting a timer to ensure the proper duration of leg elevation.

While Kardashian did not disclose the exact stage of her pregnancy, she and her husband, Travis Barker, announced their exciting news at a Blink-182 concert in June. This will be their first child together, as they both have children from previous relationships. The couple revealed that they are expecting a baby boy, and although they have not revealed the name or due date, Kardashian has been proudly displaying her growing baby bump in various fashionable outfits.

Kardashian has received attention for her bold maternity style choices, including half-zipped tracksuits, form-fitting dresses, and eye-catching string bikinis. She continues to document her pregnancy journey through captivating and alluring snapshots. Recently, she shared a casual photo in bed with Barker, where she confidently shows off her stomach in a thong and graphic tee.

Known for their affectionate displays of love, Kardashian and Barker are often spotted engaging in public displays of affection. Their close friend and collaborator Pardyalone revealed to TheFantasyTimes that the couple is constantly kissing and enjoying intimate moments together. Their love and excitement for their upcoming arrival are evident in their actions and gestures.

In conclusion, Kourtney Kardashian has been sharing captivating and sensual pregnancy selfies for quite some time. Through her company Poosh, she provides valuable advice and tips for navigating the challenges of pregnancy. With her husband Travis Barker, she eagerly awaits the arrival of their baby boy, maintaining their passionate relationship and showcasing their love for each other.

Kourtney Kardashian’s sexy pregnancy selfies go way back.

The Poosh creator’s company posted a topless photo from her first trimester via Instagram Friday, with Kardashian rocking only an unbuttoned pair of jeans.

The barefoot reality star stood in her closet while covering her chest with one hand and taking the picture with the other.


Kardashian, 44, commented on the never-before-seen snap, asking social media users to “send tips” for tackling the first trimester.

The Lemme creator shared her own in a blog post, from beating nausea with lemon water to taking daily walks.

She also recommended other pregnant women elevate their legs and wear compression socks to reduce swelling.

Kourtney Kardashian
The reality star bared her bump while sharing first trimester pregnancy tips.
Poosh/Kourtney Kardashian Barker

Kourtney Kardashian
She advised her Poosh readers on avoiding nausea and exercising.
Poosh/Kourtney Kardashian Barker

“I keep my legs up for 20 minutes in the evening/night,” she wrote. “I use [a] wedge under my back and then put my legs up onto the headboard and set a timer.”

Kardashian did not specify how far along she currently is in her pregnancy.

The Hulu personality and her husband, Travis Barker, announced at a Blink-182 concert in June that they are expecting their first baby together.

Kourtney Kardashian
The “Kardashians” star debuted her budding belly in June.

The couple, who wed last year, both have children from previous relationships.

Their upcoming arrival is a boy, with Barker, 46, telling his Instagram followers earlier this summer that they “already know” the little one’s name.

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While he and Kardashian have kept their chosen moniker — and due date — under wraps, the expectant star hasn’t been shy about showing off her budding belly with daring maternity style.

Kourtney Kardashian
She has continued to document her pregnancy in sexy snaps.

The “Kardashians” star has made headlines for sporting a half-zipped tracksuit, skintight dresses and more ensembles in recent months, in addition to multiple string bikinis.

On Wednesday, she posted a casual shot in bed with Barker, showing her stomach in a thong and graphic tee.

The longtime friends-turned-couple are notorious for their PDA, with Barker’s collaborator Pardyalone telling TheFantasyTimes that they never “stop kissing” and “sucking face.”

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