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By Jitin Gambhir

Ramona Singer, new beau ‘making out all over Southampton’

It’s been a scorching “Housewives” summer.

A reliable source in the East End of Southampton informs TheFantasyTimes that Ramona Singer has been seen “engaging in passionate kissing” with her mysterious new boyfriend. As the original star of “Real Housewives of New York City,” Singer is entering the first anniversary of her relationship with her enigmatic partner, known only as “Bill.”

The source added, “This couple has been spotted making out all over Southampton. Their love for each other is undeniable.”

Ramona Singer
Insiders reveal that Singer is currently involved with a mystery man named “Bill.”

Earlier this year, TheFantasyTimes reported on Singer’s new love interest, referred to simply as “Bill,” whose last name remains unknown. According to sources, Singer’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, unintentionally let the secret slip while attending an event for their daughter, Avery. At the time, he couldn’t contain his excitement and shared details about Ramona’s mysterious new beau, “Bill.”

Close friends of Ramona claim that “Bill” works in finance in New Jersey and is known for being financially well-off. However, Singer herself denied having a boyfriend when Luann de Lesseps, her fellow cast member, made the revelation.

Ramona Singer
Despite Luann de Lesseps’ claims, Singer previously denied having a new boyfriend.

According to our source, Ramona and Bill first met on Labor Day last year, and since then, Ramona has significantly reduced her alcohol consumption and seems genuinely happy. While the insider claims that Ramona and Bill have been together for almost a year, Ramona denied having a boyfriend when questioned by Luann de Lesseps.

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During her live show, “Countess’ Cabaret,” in Boston, de Lesseps revealed that Singer had a new man in her life. However, Ramona clarified, stating, “Luann is not up to date… For the record, I am currently not dating anyone. The man I was seeing when Luann and I last spoke is no longer in the picture. I am just casually dating.”

Ramona Singer, Mario Singer, Avery Singer
We previously reported that Mario, Ramona’s ex-husband, unintentionally revealed details about her new relationship at an event.
Getty Images

When approached for comment regarding her alleged new romance, Ramona did not respond. However, a source close to her previously disclosed that things were becoming serious between her and Bill, and Ramona seemed to be protective of their relationship. The source stated, “She’s a calmer version of herself now.”


Ramona is also currently appearing in Peacock’s “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy.”

Call it a hot “Housewives” summer.

Ramona Singer has been spotted “making out all over Southampton” with her new mystery boyfriend, an East End spy tells TheFantasyTimes.

The source tells us of the original “Real Housewives of New York City” star, “She is a new woman as she goes into the first anniversary of her relationship with new [mysterious boyfriend] ‘Bill.’”

“The pair have been spotted making out all over Southampton,” the source added. “They are totally in love.” 

Ramona Singer
Insiders say that Singer has a mystery boyfriend, known only as “Bill.”

TheFantasyTimes reported earlier this year that Singer had a new love interest — called “Bill,” last name unknown — who she has been keeping under wraps.

Sources at the time said that Singer’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, was at an event for the duo’s daughter, Avery, when he developed a case of “diarrhea of the mouth,” and started dishing about Ramona’s new beau known only as “Bill.”

Ramona’s pals say that Bill does indeed makes bills and that he is from New Jersey and is in finance, we’re told.

Ramona Singer
Singer denied earlier this year she had a new boyfriend, despite Luann de Lesseps saying she did.

Our source said that the two met last Labor Day and that, “Ramona is drinking dramatically less — and is happy at last.”

While the insider told us that Singer and this Bill fellow have been together for the better part of a year, Ramona in January shut down costar Luann de Lesseps’ claim at the time that she had a new man.

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De Lesseps’ had claimed during her “Countess’ Cabaret” live show in Boston that Singer had a new man in her life.

But Ramona told us back then, “Luann is not up to date … For the record, I do not currently have a boyfriend. I’m no longer seeing the man I was seeing when Luann and I last spoke. I’m just dating.”

Ramona Singer, Mario Singer, Avery Singer
We reported that Singer’s former hubby, Mario, leaked news of the relationship at an event for the exes’ daughter, Avery.
Getty Images

When we reached out, however, about her alleged new romance, she did not get back to us.

A source previously told us of the pair, “Things are getting really serious with the guy,” and that, “I think she’s just very protective of the situation … She’s a calmer Ramona now.”

Ramona also stars in Peacock’s “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy.”

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