Rick Dalton Is Dead: ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’ Star

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By Jitin Gambhir

According to the Hollywood podcast Video Archives, the actor “Rick Dalton”, who was best known for the 1960s television series Bounty Law and a spate of Westerns made in Italy, has passed away. Dalton was most renowned for his roles in both of these projects.

The artist, whose notoriety increased following an interaction with his neighbour Roman Polanski and a bizarre home invasion led by crazy fans of a failed Ohio-born singer-songwriter, is survived by his wife Francesca. His notoriety increased after the unusual home invasion was led by disturbed followers of the Ohio-born singer-songwriter. He had reached the age of 90.

Rick Dalton Is Dead: ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’ Star
Rick Dalton Is Dead ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood Star

Who is Rick Dalton?

Rick Dalton was not a real person; rather, he was the name of the character that Leonardo DiCaprio played in the 2019 film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, which was nominated for an Academy Award. However, this does not imply that Quentin Tarantino, the man responsible for creating the story of a struggling actor (and his stunt double best friend) caught up in late 1960s California lore, is not permitted to have a little bit of fun.

Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton Is Dead ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood Star 1

When making a programming note, the Twitter account for the podcast that Tarantino founded last year with Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary, called Video Archives (named for the Manhattan Beach tape rental shop where they both once worked), opted to murder off Dalton.

Instead of informing viewers that their next episode, which was going to be about the 1975 sci-fi/roller derby exploitation picture Rollerball, starring James Caan (as if there could not have been a more iconic selection?! ), was going to be delayed, they opted to blame it on this deadpan statement instead. The account hinted to an upcoming episode that will pay respect to Dalton’s greatest works.

‘Bounty Law’ Star Rick Dalton Dies at 90, Quentin Tarantino Confirms

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the ninth film directed by Quentin Tarantino and features Rick Dalton as one of the two primary characters. He is an American actor who used to play the lead role in the Bounty Law series, but after the show was cancelled, he was only able to get work playing heavy roles in television pilots.

He never found success in his acting career. Cliff Booth, Rick’s stunt double and personal assistant, is also Francesca Capucci’s spouse. Rick is Cliff Booth’s best buddy. Cliff Booth is also Rick’s personal assistant.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who also portrayed Calvin Candie in “Django Unchained,” is the actor who played him in “The Revenant.”

Rick Dalton’s Biography

Rick Dalton’s birthday is April 22nd, 1933, and he was born in Hollywood. He was an American actor who has worked in film and television since the 1950s. His career spanned the decades. As the lead actor in the western television series Bounty Law, he rose to fame thanks to his work in the industry. In February of 1969, a casting agent by the name of Marvin Schwarz pushed him to seek a career in movies while also cautioning him about constantly playing the heavy role in television series.

Rick started experiencing acute anxiety about the same time that he started filming the pilot episode of a new series called Lancer as the antagonist. During the process of filming the episode, he picks up a conversation with Trudi Fraser, who is his co-star and is just eight years old.


Cliff Booth, Rick’s best buddy and fellow stunt performer, also acted as Rick’s chauffeur and was there for Rick whenever he needed a shoulder to depend on. After standing by Rick’s side through the challenging times, he was aware that their business partnership would soon be coming to an end because Rick had been chosen to play the lead role in an Italian Western film that was going to be shot in Italy. During Rick’s time in the country, he had the opportunity to meet and marry the beautiful Francesca Capucci.

On August 8, 1969, Rick and Cliff made the decision to travel to the Valley Mexican restaurant Casa Vega on Ventura while Francesca stays at Rick’s house, sleeping and being watched by Cliff’s pit bull, Brandy. During this time, Rick and Cliff did not know that Francesca was staying at Rick’s house. As soon as they arrived back to Rick’s house on Ciello drive, Dalton went outside to swim in the pool, while Cliff remained inside.

Later on, several members of Charles Manson’s cult staged a home invasion on Cielo Drive with the intention of murdering the residents of the residence owned by famous film director Roman Polanski. These residents included Roman Polanski’s actress wife, Sharon Tate, as well as her house visitors. The home invasion took place with the intention of murdering the victims.

The members of the cult actually break into Rick’s house in order to “kill the people who taught them to kill”. Cliff had already come across three potential murderers, but despite his extreme intoxication, he was still able to kill two of them and send his dog, Brandy, after the third of them. Susan “Sadie” Atkins, a member of the cult, manages to escape from the dog and heads out the back door in the direction of the pool. Rick, stunned by the unexpected arrival of the woman, walks to his tool shed.

After getting out of the vehicle, he approaches the swimming pool area with his flamethrower, which was actually a prop from one of his earlier films, and then proceeds to kill Susan Atkins by setting fire to her.

After things calmed down, Rick goes to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Polanski and Tate, where he is greeted by his neighbours, and he is invited to join them inside for some drinks.

After retiring from performing in 1988 and moving to Hawaii with his partner Francesca Capucci, Dalton eventually crossed paths with Quentin Tarantino at the Hawaii International Film Festival in the year 1996.

Is Rick Dalton Dead?

Rick Dalton was a fictional character that was portrayed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2019 film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, which won the Oscar for Best Picture. American director Quentin Tarantino has revealed that Rick Dalton has passed away.

The official Twitter handle of “The Video Archives” podcast, which was launched on May 20 and is hosted by the 60-year-old celebrity and his co-writer on the film Pulp Fiction, Roger Avary, was also launched on the same day.

“Rick passed away peacefully in his home in Hawaii and is survived by his wife Francesca. RIP Rick Dalton 1933-2023.”

— American director Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino announces the passing away of the iconic character: Rick Dalton

The joke took place less than twenty-four hours before the world premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s next film, Killers of the Flower Moon, which was directed by Martin Scorsese and also starred Robert De Niro and Lily Gladstone.

There has been absolutely no communication whatsoever from the Video Archives company regarding Dalton’s best friend forever, Cliff Booth, the role for which Brad Pitt was awarded the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Tarantino, in the meantime, is working on The Movie Critic, which will be his subsequent and possibly last picture. It is expected that filming will begin this autumn, despite the fact that neither the cast nor a studio deal has been finalised as of yet. Although specifics regarding the film are being kept under wraps, he has shot down early speculation that it will be a biopic on Pauline Kael.

This past week at Cannes, Paul Schrader let a few secrets slip, suggesting that the film may include reshot versions of New Hollywood classics. This was done by Once Upon a Time with The Great Escape. It would appear that Tarantino intends to rewrite the conclusion to the movie Rolling Thunder, which Schrader was a co-writer on back in 1977.

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