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By Jitin Gambhir

Director Stephen Caple Jr faced a daunting task when he was chosen to helm the latest installment in the Transformers franchise, Rise of the Beasts. However, after the underwhelming The Last Knight, Travis Knight had set the series back on track with Bumblebee.

When Rise of the Beasts premiered, there were initial concerns that the film may have reverted to the lackluster quality of some of its predecessors. Nevertheless, audiences and fans alike have been thoroughly enjoying the film. So, does the movie live up to expectations? The answer is a resounding yes.

Rise of the Beasts Is a Franchise Must-Watch

Let’s start with the obvious, Peter Cullen’s portrayal of Optimus Prime. Cullen has been the voice of the Autobot leader for the past four decades, and his performance in Rise of the Beasts is nothing short of legendary. The film depicts a young Prime who is still learning about humanity and must rely on the aid of Ron Perlman’s Optimus Primal and a down-on-his-luck human, Noah Diaz (played by Anthony Ramos). Fans and audiences have praised Pete Davidson’s performance as Mirage, although his character’s depiction as an IndyCar has caused some confusion.

The movie’s story is cohesive and well-crafted, unlike some of the previous films in the franchise. The Maximals and Autobots must prevent Scourge and the Terrorcons from bringing the Transformers villain Unicron to Earth and obtaining the trans warp key. While the plot does have some holes, it is still an enjoyable ride that features fresh new faces and avoids mocking the franchise’s heritage.

Ultimately, Rise of the Beasts successfully introduces the Maximals from Beast Wars and provides fresh takes on older characters such as Scourge and Nightbird. Caple has done an excellent job of including Easter eggs that harken back to the Transformers lore of the past. The film is a fun ride that respects the franchise’s history and delivers on its promise of giant robots getting down to business.

In conclusion, Rise of the Beasts is a worthy addition to the Transformers franchise that delivers on its promise of giant robots and exciting action. Caple has done an excellent job of honoring the series’ heritage while introducing new elements that keep the story fresh and engaging. Fans and audiences alike will be thrilled with this latest installment in the beloved franchise.

Director Stephen Caple Jr had his worked cut out for him when he was selected to direct the newest film in the highly divisive Transformers franchise: Rise of the Beasts. Travis Knight had set the track for the films onto the right path on the heels of the travesty that was The Last Knight when he directed Bumblebee.

Fast-forwarding to this year, when Rise of the Beasts took center stage in it’s opening weekend, and after some early whispers that the film may have returned to the doldrums that some of the previous films had stooped to, audiences and the fan base alike have highly enjoyed the film. So, is the film truly living up to expectations? The short answer is yes.



Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime in Transformers Rise of the Beasts
Paramount Pictures


First, let’s start with the obvious: Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. As always, Cullen is masterful at his craft, portraying the voice he has perfected over the last 40 years. Cullen’s portrayal of the Autobot leader is nothing short of legendary, and this latest outing is no exception. Rise of the Beasts depicts a Prime who is young in his knowledge of humanity as he strives to understand and trust them, needing the assistance of Ron Perlman’s Optimus Primal and a young, hard-on-his-luck human, Noah Diaz, portrayed by Anthony Ramos.

Fans and audiences have been raving about Pete Davidson and his portrayal of Mirage. Really, the only issue here is nothing Davidson himself can control: Mirage is supposed to be an IndyCar, a fact that is alluded to in Rise of the Beasts shortly after the character meets Diaz. The imagery of Mirage in the film harkens more back to the Scatman Crothers days of the original Jazz more than anything else.

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As far as Davidson’s performance: it’s a breath of fresh air. The actor isn’t always tauted in the highest of regards, but he indeed brings his A-game to his performance here. While reports of him stealing every scene he is in are grossly exaggerated, he does steal his fair share of them. Finally, the thing that happens during the third act between Mirage and Noah, yea that kinda has basis in the lore of the franchise, so don’t hate on it too much.

A Cohesive Story

Paramount Pictures

Rise of the Beasts‘ story is very good. While films like Revenge of the Fallen, The Last Knight, and to an extent Age of Extinction were all loosely tattered segments of several stories put together on small threads, hoping no one would notice they would tie together easily, and break, Rise of the Beasts sticks to a single, cohesive story.

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The Maximals and the Autobots have to stop Scourge and the Terrorcons from bringing Transformers villain Unicron to Earth and getting the trans warp key — that’s the story. It does have its plot holes, but so do most films, and it is certainly not on the level of obvious shreds of common sense being left on the cutting room floor as with some of the other franchises’ flops. Watching Rise of the Beasts through a lens and appreciating it for what it really is — just a film about giant robots that need to get down to business — it is a fun ride with fresh new faces.

Ultimately, Rise of the Beasts succeeds in bringing in the Maximals from Beast Wars as well as creating new takes on other older characters such as Scourge and Nightbird. The film respects the franchise’s heritage instead of mocking it, and Caple did a terrific job in throwing in Easter Eggs that harken back to the Transformers lore of yesteryear.

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