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By Nikita Gambhir

Roblox: Berry Avenue Codes

Berry Avenue, developed by Amberry Games, offers an immersive role-playing experience on the gaming platform. Players have the opportunity to step into the shoes of their in-game characters and embark on a journey of earning income, acquiring stunning homes, collecting decorative items, and even purchasing a range of cars to store in their virtual garages. Since its successful debut in January 2022, Berry Avenue has quickly risen to become one of the most prominent role-playing games on Roblox. As players continue to bask in the glitz and glamour of their virtual lives, Amberry Games generously provides codes to customize homes with picture frames and wall decals. With an active player base exceeding 61,000 individuals and a staggering 630 million global visits, Berry Avenue has undoubtedly captivated the gaming community worldwide.

For avid Roblox enthusiasts, we have you covered with the latest and up-to-date Berry Avenue codes. This guide, updated on July 4, 2023, by Artur Novichenko, ensures that players have access to all the codes they need to obtain free decorations and pacifiers for their virtual homes. New codes are regularly added, so make sure to check back here every month for an extensive list of Berry Avenue codes.

To enhance your Berry Avenue home, take advantage of the following active codes. Keep in mind that these codes expire randomly, so redeem them promptly when they become available. Each code can only be used once per account. Don’t forget to visit frequently, as codes may be released at any time during the month.

Codes Checked: July 3, 2023

All Active Berry Avenue Codes (July 2023):

– Aesthetic Anime Pink: 7985335266
– Aesthetic Beach: 8386771063
– Aesthetic Leopard: 7852142869
– Aesthetic Pastel Girl: 11009478995
– Airplanes & Cars: 5894228176
– Axolotl Pink Pacifier: 11085620776
– Axolotl Pacifier: 11095198309
– Baby Carousel: 10607552769
– Baby Seal: 494306759
– Bear Pacifier: 11771034304
– Black & White Building: 5119538877
– Black Heart Pacifier: 11804408815
– Blue Anime Girl: 9906339057
– Blueberries: 1490702774
– Blue Flowers: 1490703412
– Blue Pixel Sky: 899183487
– Blue Sky & Flower: 9297309472
– Blue Wolf: 10605620492
– Cat Christmas Cookies: 8209959147
– Christmas Anime Girl: 8192276172
– Christmas Pattern: 5954377206
– Clouds & Stars: 5860756483
– Cry Baby Art: 695443939
– Cute Milk Pink: 6314862514
– Flowers and Books: 2792728547
– Fresh Cut Christmas Trees: 5378242224
– Frog Pacifier: 11095227524
– Headless Pacifier: 13408257
– Heart Hair Clips: 13173433386
– Hoop on the Head: 8780017969
– Money: 12788134495
– Necklace With Hearts and Pearls: 6202805550
– Neon Pink Heart: 7212797722
– Pink Anime Girl: 11425470452
– Pink Anime Ice Cream: 7790577455
– Pink Christmas Trees: 6005854793
– Pink Heart Anime Girl: 11026864824
– Pink Pacifier: 11251388730
– Pink Pastel Roses: 7791889746
– Pink Sanrio My Melody: 10630304694
– Pink Skies & Bridge: 9297286284
– Purple Pacifier: 11436322613
– Snow Forest: 149787226
– White Bag: 5508770029
– White Purse: 6238414257
– White Shorts: 9130631127
– Woman Head Pacifier: 11712511561
– Yellow Pacifier: 11436404858
– ‘Tis The Season to be Jolly: 1219668357

All Expired Berry Avenue Codes (July 2023):

To redeem codes in Berry Avenue, players must first own a house. Once you have a house, follow the instructions below to start redeeming codes. If a code doesn’t work, ensure that you’ve entered it correctly. It’s also possible that the code has recently expired or has already been redeemed.

1. Launch Berry Avenue.
2. Enter your player’s house and click on the item you wish to customize.
3. Paste the code into the “Enter Decal ID” field.
4. Press “Done” to collect your rewards.

Playing Berry Avenue is a breeze and incredibly enjoyable. On the right panel of the game interface, players will find various buttons to enhance their gaming experience:


– Avatar: Here, players can edit their avatars, with a vast selection of clothing and accessories to choose from.
– Vehicle: This button allows players to choose and customize their preferred vehicles, including painting them and activating lights.
– Items: Find and utilize various items to enhance your role-playing experience.
– House: Select your desired house or apartment to call home.

For those seeking similar town and city games to Berry Avenue, Roblox offers a plethora of options. To help you explore new experiences, we’ve compiled a list of the top five games in this genre:

[Insert list of recommended games here]

Roblox is accessible on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

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Berry Avenue is a role-playing experience brought to the platform by developer Amberry Games. Players assume the role of their in-game character, where they are free to start earning income, buying beautiful homes, collecting items to decorate them with, and purchasing a variety of cars to store away in the garage.

In less than a year’s time, Berry Avenue became one of the biggest role-playing games on Roblox after a successful debut in January 2022. As players continue to live a life of glamour and fame, developer Amberry Games continues to distribute codes for everyone to customize their home with picture frames and wall decals. Berry Avenue has an active player base with over 61,000 players and 630 million visits globally.

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Updated July 4, 2023, by Artur Novichenko: This guide for Roblox fans has been updated to provide players with all the latest and up-to-date Berry Avenue codeswhich they can redeem to get some free decorations and pacifiers to use inside their virtual home. New codes are added often, so players should make sure to check back here every month for an up-to-date list of Berry Avenue codes.

All Codes For Berry Avenue


Roblox players looking to get some fabulous decorations for their homes in Berry Avenue can use the following active codes.

These codes will expire at random intervals, so be sure to redeem them as soon as they become available. Codes can only be redeemed once per account. Be sure to check back frequently, as codes can be released anytime during the month.

Codes Checked July 3, 2023

All Active Berry Avenue Codes (July 2023)

  • Aesthetic Anime Pink – 7985335266
  • Aesthetic Beach – 8386771063
  • Aesthetic Leopard – 7852142869
  • Aesthetic Pastel Girl – 11009478995
  • Airplanes & Cars – 5894228176
  • Axololtl Pink Pacifier – 11085620776
  • Axolotl Pacifier – 11095198309
  • Baby Carousel – 10607552769
  • Baby Seal – 494306759
  • Bear Pacifier – 11771034304
  • Black & White Building – 5119538877
  • Black Heart Pacifier – 11804408815
  • Blue Anime Girl – 9906339057
  • Blueberries – 1490702774
  • Blue Flowers – 1490703412
  • Blue Pixel Sky – 899183487
  • Blue Sky & Flower – 9297309472
  • Blue Wolf – 10605620492
  • Cat Christmas Cookies – 8209959147
  • Christmas Anime Girl – 8192276172
  • Christmas Pattern – 5954377206
  • Clouds & Stars – 5860756483
  • Cry Baby Art – 695443939
  • Cute Milk Pink – 6314862514
  • Flowers and Books – 2792728547
  • Fresh Cut Christmas Trees – 5378242224
  • Frog Pacifier – 11095227524
  • Headless Pacifier – 13408257
  • Heart Hair Clips – 13173433386
  • Hoop on the Head – 8780017969
  • Money – 12788134495
  • Necklace With Hearts and Pearls – 6202805550
  • Neon Pink Heart – 7212797722
  • Pink Anime Girl – 11425470452
  • Pink Anime Ice Cream – 7790577455
  • Pink Christmas Trees – 6005854793
  • Pink Heart Anime Girl – 11026864824
  • Pink Pacifier – 11251388730
  • Pink Pastel Roses – 7791889746
  • Pink Sanrio My Melody – 10630304694
  • Pink Skies & Bridge – 9297286284
  • Purple Pacifier – 11436322613
  • Snow Forest – 149787226
  • White Bag – 5508770029
  • White Purse – 6238414257
  • White Shorts – 9130631127
  • Woman Head Pacifier – 11712511561
  • Yellow Pacifier – 11436404858
  • ‘Tis The Season to be Jolly – 1219668357

All Expired Berry Avenue Codes (July 2023)

How to Redeem Codes in Berry Avenue


To redeem codes in Berry Avenue, players will first need to own a house. Once they do, they’ll be able to follow the instructions below to start redeeming codes. If one of the codes doesn’t work, it could be because players entered it incorrectly. Otherwise, it could be that the code recently expired or has already been redeemed.

  1. Launch Berry Avenue
  2. Enter the player’s house and click on the item they wish to customize
  3. Paste the code into the Enter Decal ID field
  4. Press Done to collect the rewards

How to Play Berry Avenue

Playing Berry Avenue is very easy and fun. On the right panel, players will find buttons such as:

  • Avatar – here players will be able to edit their avatar. The game provides a very large assortment of clothes and all kinds of accessories, so fans will definitely have no problems with the choice.
  • Vehicle – here players will be able to choose any vehicle of their choice, paint it, turn on the lights, etc.
  • Items – here players can find and use any items. This is mainly needed for RP.
  • House – here players can choose the house or apartment they want to live in.

The Best Roblox Town and City Games Like Berry Avenue

The town and city genre is quite popular among Roblox fans as it allows players to become whomever they want. Roblox offers many games like this though, which can make it quite difficult to find the best ones if users want to try something new. With this in mind, players can look below for a list of the five best games like Berry Avenue:

Roblox is available on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

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