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By Jitin Gambhir

Rumer Willis poses nude, celebrates her body after giving birth

Rumer Willis celebrated her profound beauty as a new mother by confidently embracing her body during a self-care spa day. The actress bravely posed nude in a photo shared on Instagram on Monday, reflecting on the years she spent trying to conform her body to society’s standards of desirability. In the caption, she expressed her acceptance of her body’s changes, acknowledging that it may be softer, rounder, and different, but celebrating the fact that she grew a person within it. Rumer welcomed her daughter, Louetta, with her partner Derek Richard Thomas on April 18. She expressed gratitude for her postpartum body, emphasizing the gift and privilege of being able to breastfeed and nourish her baby. She also praised her hips and tummy for providing safety, warmth, and love to her daughter. Rumer, the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, marveled at the miracle of creating a human being and expressed her awe for her daughter. She concluded her post by encouraging others to embrace and appreciate all parts of themselves. Since giving birth, Rumer has openly celebrated her body and motherhood. In June, she proudly shared a mirror pic showcasing her “mom bod” two months postpartum. Last week, she declared that she was entering her “hot mom thirst trap era,” sharing a sultry photo of herself. Rumer welcomed her daughter through an intimate at-home birth and has cherished the experience. She even recalled breaking her own water during delivery and described the overwhelming joy she felt while holding her newborn.

Rumer Willis celebrated her “profound beauty” as a new mother by proudly baring it all during a self-care spa day.

The actress posed nude in a photo shared on Instagram Monday as she reflected on spending “so many years trying to shape and mold” her body into something she “thought was desirable.”

“This body of mine … is a little softer and rounder and jiggly and different and that’s ok, more than ok it’s kind of amazing because I grew a person inside of it,” she wrote in the caption.

The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star welcomed daughter Louetta with partner Derek Richard Thomas on April 18.

Rumer Willis and Derek Richard Thomas
The new mom welcomed daughter Louetta with Derek Richard Thomas in April.
Michael Simon/REX/Shutterstock

Expressing gratitude for her body, Willis continued, “My breasts might be bigger and perhaps ever so drifting downward but what a gift and privilege that they can feed and provide nourishment for my Lou.

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“They also make a fantastic pillow while we cosleep. My hips and tummy, now softer and rounder, cradle my daughter in safety, warmth, and love.”

Rumer Willis with daughter laying on top of her
Willis shared gratitude for her “softer and rounder” postpartum body.

Rumer, the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, went on to gush over how she “made a human from scratch” — adding that while her body “looks and feels a little different,” she’s “in awe” of her daughter.

“The most profound beauty I’ve ever felt in myself emerges from remembering daily, to not reject these parts of me, but just embrace and give them such deep gratitude,” she wrote, concluding her post with the hashtag “#hotmomsclub.”


Since giving birth, Rumer, 34, has openly celebrated her body in motherhood.

Rumer Willis giving birth
The actress welcomed her daughter during an intimate at-home birth.

In June, the “Dancing With the Stars” alum posted a mirror pic to show off her “mom bod” two months postpartum.

Last week, she declared that she was entering her “hot mom thirst trap era” as she shared a photo of herself giving a sultry gaze to the camera while sporting a white tube top and a pink bomber jacket.

The actress welcomed her daughter in April during an at-home birth.

Rumer Willis
Willis has claimed the title of “hot mom” since welcoming her daughter.

During a June appearance on the “Informed Pregnancy Podcast,” Rumer detailed the intimate experience, including how she broke her own water during the delivery.

“There’s a photo of me, and I just have this look of shock and surprise on my face because it’s a different sensation when the water bag is pushing against your cervix to when the baby’s head is,” she said.

After giving birth, Rumer recalled “the most ecstatic, joyful moment” as she held her newborn while “sobbing with joy.”

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