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By Jitin Gambhir

Salman Khan’s Die-Hard Fan Sanju Nivangune Creates An Illusion Art Installation As A Tribute To Tiger 3

Tiger 3

Salman Khan’s Spectacular Tiger 3 Art Installation

Tiger 3, the highly anticipated film starring Salman Khan, is set to release during the grand festival of Diwali, and fans are buzzing with excitement. In a magnificent tribute to the superstar, another devoted fan of Salman Khan has created a remarkable art installation ahead of the film’s release. Witness the awe-inspiring video below.

A devoted fan named Sanju Nivangune, who is an artist, has created a mesmerizing illusion art installation featuring Tiger’s iconic scarf and various other tools. The art installation caught the attention of Salman Khan himself when he visited YRF Studios, and he praised Sanju for his exceptional work.

Sanju Nivangune has ingeniously crafted an illusion art installation showcasing Salman Khan’s iconic Tiger look from the immensely popular Tiger film franchise. Utilizing elements such as miniatures, costumes, film records, and reels from the celebrated franchise, Sanju has recreated Tiger’s distinctive appearance. As an ardent Salman Khan fan, Sanju has previously showcased his talent through various art forms like sand art and paper collage art dedicated to the superstar, making this illusion installation his boldest endeavor yet.

Tiger 3

Salman Khan Tiger 3 Art Installation

Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 is nearing its grand Diwali release, and fans can’t keep calm. We have another die-hard fan of Salman Khan giving tribute to the superstar ahead of Tiger 3’s release. See the video below.

A die-hard fan named Sanju Nivangune, an artist, created an illusion art installation featuring Tiger’s scarf and other tools. Salman himself saw the art installation at YRF Studios and praised Sanju for that.

Sanju Nivangune created an illusion art installation of Salman Khan’s Tiger look from the widely loved Tiger franchise. He created the illusion art installation using elements from the renowned Tiger franchise, such as miniatures, costumes, film records, reels, etc., to recreate Tiger’s look. Sanju is a die-hard fan of Salman Khan and has previously created various other works of art like sand art and paper collage art for him, making this illusion installation the boldest attempt.


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