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By Jitin Gambhir

Sasha Calle Needs to be the DCU’s Supergirl

Attention: This article contains spoilers for The Flash.

Supergirl’s appearance in The Flash’s multiversal adventure was a surprising addition that left audiences divided. Sasha Calle’s portrayal of the character was stoic, but some found this to be a strength. Her subtlety made a powerful impression, and her anger was palpable from the moment she appeared. Kara Zor-El has lost everything, including her faith in humanity, but with the help of Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne, she regains a sense of hope and purpose. This makes her the perfect choice for the DCU’s Supergirl.

The upcoming Supergirl movie, based on the comic Woman of Tomorrow, will focus on Kara as a grizzled warrior who mistrusts humanity. The story needs to test her newfound humanity to its limit by placing her in an intergalactic setting where she confronts her past trauma and faces opposition that forces her to question whether the world is worth saving. This will allow her character to evolve and grow beyond what audiences saw in The Flash.

To achieve this growth, Kara needs to encounter other characters who can help her learn and mature. The Green Lantern Corps, a team of intergalactic heroes, could be introduced in the film. Their darker tone could blend seamlessly with Woman of Tomorrow’s style, and both John Stewart and Hal Jordan could mirror Kara’s past self. This allows her to teach them what Barry and Bruce taught her: that there are just as many good people as bad ones.

The Green Lantern series has already been confirmed as part of the DCU, which means Sasha Calle can appear wherever she likes. Hal and John could be a “Nick Fury” presence that recruits Kara, or they could be an opposing force sent to chase her down. Either way, these enemies could provide thrilling battle sequences that showcase Calle’s power while adding depth to her character.

Sasha Calle has the potential to become an essential character in the DCU and rival the classic characters. To fully explore her potential, her Woman of Tomorrow movie needs to be more than a one-note performance. Sasha Calle has the look and heart to bring Supergirl to life, and audiences deserve to see her character grow and evolve beyond what was seen in The Flash.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers Ahead for The Flash

Supergirl was a surprising addition to The Flash’s multiversal adventure. Sasha Calle’s interpretation of the character is something guaranteed to divide audiences. With her limited screen time, fans will wonder about her DCU future. Some will be divided by her stoic performance in The Flash. Others will find that stoicism is a strength in the introduction of the character. Calle’s portrayal focused on a subtlety that was unexpected from audiences. That subtlety made her debut pack a powerful impression.


She had a sensation of anger from the first moment she appeared. Kara Zor-El is a character tormented by losing Krypton and her cousin Kal to Zod. She lost faith in humanity, making her fueled with rage. Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) proved that humanity was worth fighting for. They reignited a sense of hope that was sorely missing in Kara Zor-El. Her newfound purpose proves she is the best choice for the DCU’s Supergirl.

Kara Needs to Go On an Intergalactic Adventure

General Zodd and Supergirl face off against each other in a battle from Man of Steel
Warner Bros Discovery

The DCU’s Supergirl will be based on the comic Woman of Tomorrow. This iteration focused on Kara being a grizzled warrior. She mistrusted humanity, much like her introduction in The Flash. In the film, humanity helped her restore her lost faith and beliefs. Woman of Tomorrow needs to be a story that tests her new humanity to its limit. Kara needs to see the cruelty of the galaxy and face an opposition that forces her to ask, is the world worth saving?

Having to ask that question a second time could make audiences worry after her introduction. If Kara is faced with the same moral dilemma, her character arc in The Flash could feel repeated. Placing her in an intergalactic setting can force her to test her newfound heroism. It can also force her to confront her past trauma with the girl she tries to protect. As the story follows Kara being hired for a revenge mission, it’s a story that would test her maturity. That test of maturity would be perfect in an intergalactic setting that is new for Kara to discover.

Calle’s rage in The Flash can evolve into a character that is truly super. It can also allow audiences to learn more about her. Even if it gives audiences a deeper glimpse into her mind, it could recontextualize what we saw in The Flash. For Calle to truly learn something, she needs to run into different characters. Whether it be other superheroes or not, every other character needs to help her grow. That growth can be possible since the film is a part of the newly renamed DCU. The supergirl film needs to introduce another DC Comics team of intergalactic heroes.

We Need to Meet the Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern
DC Comics

HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern series is teased to have a much darker tone. That darker tone can be blended seamlessly with the style of Woman of Tomorrow. Both John Stewart and Hal Jordan can have the same brutal nature as Calle. They can almost be a mirror of her past self. Making them darker heroes in the film can allow Calle to evolve the character. Her version of Supergirl can teach the Corps to truly be heroes and not brutal protectors. This new Supergirl needs to bestow the same sort of lesson she learned from Barry and Bruce.

Barry and Bruce taught her that there are just as many good people as bad ones. Kara Zor-EL can teach that same feeling to Hal and John. This Green Lantern series has already been confirmed to be a part of the DCU. Since it is already in the universe, Sasha Calle can appear wherever she’d like. The Green Lantern Corp’s introduction could be as simple as an after-credits scene. Hal and John could be a “Nick Fury” like presence that has to recruit Kara. If not, they could be an opposing force sent on a mission to chase Kara down.

If the Corp wants who Kara is protecting, it could create a unique dynamic. These enemies could have some thrilling battle sequences. In these sequences, Calle could showcase the power she showed in The Flash. With the added depth from dialogue sequences, it would create a more well-rounded presentation of Supergirl. Either option allows Kara to become an essential character in the future. She can become someone who rivals the classic characters of the DCU.

Sasha Calle has yet to be officially cast in the DCU. Some will shudder at the idea of her becoming a centerpiece of the universe. What needs to be understood is the limitless potential of her Woman of Tomorrow movie. The character was only given one range of emotions to display in The Flash. Not exploring this character further would be a massive disservice to Calle’s performance. She has the look and, most importantly, the heart to let this character come alive.

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