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By Jitin Gambhir

Scheana Shay doubles down on Raquel Leviss diss track ‘Apples’ with tattoo

An apple each day keeps away those who betray. Scheana Shay, a star of the reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” recently released a diss track called “Apples” targeting her former best friend Raquel Leviss. To commemorate this musical moment, Shay decided to get a tattoo. She shared the process on her Instagram Story, with the song “Come Check This” by Fetish playing in the background. In the behind-the-scenes snap, Shay included an apple gif and tagged Sweetpea, a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. The tattoo itself is a small apple on Shay’s inner arm, close to her delicate flower tattoo and the word “Summer,” which is a tribute to her daughter. This is not the first time Shay has gotten inked. In July, she and her “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright all got tattoos dedicated to their children. However, this latest tattoo has a more bitter meaning. It is a way for Shay to commemorate the diss track she wrote about Leviss. The apple symbolizes the electro-pop song that throws shade at Leviss. The lyrics of “Apples,” a collaboration between Shay and The 27s, contain some sour remarks aimed at Leviss. The song questions their former friendship, which turned sour when news of the cheating scandal broke. Shay accuses Leviss of lying, betrayal, and being a narcissistic psycho. She also refers to her as a snake. Shay and Leviss were once best friends until Shay discovered Leviss’ months-long affair with Tom Sandoval, who was still dating his girlfriend of nearly a decade, Ariana Madix, at the time. Leviss was with Shay when Madix found out about the recording of Leviss performing a sexual act while on FaceTime with Sandoval. This discovery led to a heated confrontation between the former best friends. Leviss claims that Shay punched her in March, but she has since dropped the temporary restraining order she had against Shay. Shay denies ever punching Leviss, but the diss track and the matching tattoo certainly make a strong statement.

An apple a day keeps the backstabbers away. 

Scheana Shay dropped a diss track called “Apples” aimed at her former best friend Raquel Leviss earlier this month — and now, the “Vanderpump Rules” star is commemorating the musical moment with a tattoo. 

The podcast host posted an Instagram Story getting the ink done, with the Fetish song “Come Check This” played in the background.

The “VPR” star included an apple gif and tagged Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Sweetpea in the behind-the-scenes snap.

The “Good as Gold” singer, 38, received a small apple on her inner arm, near her delicate flower tattoo and the word “Summer,” a tribute to her daughter.

Scheana also got tattooed in July alongside her “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Lala Kent, and Brittany Cartwright, who all got ink dedicated to their kids. 

However, her latest tat isn’t quite as sweet.

Scheana Shay tattoo
Shay got the tattoo to commemorate the diss track she wrote about her former best friend, Raquel Leviss.

Scheana Shay Instagram video
The apple pokes fun at her new electro-pop song throwing shade at Raquel.

“Apples,” which is a collaboration between Scheana and The 27s, contains some sour lyrics aimed at Leviss, who was discovered to be having a months-long affair with Tom Sandoval while he was still dating his girlfriend of nearly a decade, Ariana Madix.

“I was with you on your worst day / You stabbed me in the worst way / How you gonna lie to my face?,” the Bravolebrity sang while questioning their former friendship, which soured when news of the cheating scandal broke and asking “how you like them?” regarding said apples. 


Scheana went on to call Raquel a “a narcissistic psycho,” who she “cut out like lipo.” In another refrain, the former SURver says, “I thought you were faithful / I see you a snake, though.”

Scheana Shay and Raquel Leviss
Shay and Leviss were best friends before Shay found out about her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval.

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Leviss was with Shay when Madix discovered a recording of Leviss performing a sexual act while on FaceTime with Sandoval on her then-boyfriend’s phone, which led to a “heated confrontation” between the former besties.  

Leviss still claims Shay punched her in March but she has dropped the temporary restraining order she obtained against her.

Shay maintains that she “never punched” Leviss — but this song and matching tat are quite the knockout.

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