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Scream VI Post Credits Scene, Explained

Scream VI, the latest addition to the Scream franchise, continues to pave its own unique path. Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have taken a bold approach, revitalizing the concept nearly a decade after Wes Craven’s Scream 4. This installment, released in 2022, not only brings back the terrifying presence of Ghostface in Woodsboro but also cleverly connects to the events envisioned by Kevin Williamson 25 years earlier.

The new generation finds itself locked in a fierce battle with the relentless figure known as Ghostface. However, in Scream VI, the audience demands something fresh and exciting. So, the screenwriters came up with a daring idea – what if the story unfolded in a different location? Exploring the details of this plot would spoil the experience for those who haven’t seen it yet, as the Scream films heavily rely on their final twist, revealing the true identity behind the mask.

In Scream VI, the twist becomes an essential plot device and is undoubtedly one of its strongest aspects. This movie stands out from the franchise as it takes a page out of Marvel Studios’ book by introducing a post-credits scene. This scene has become synonymous with films promising more and keeping audiences engaged beyond the main story. However, Scream VI’s post-credits scene is not your typical bonus scene; it breaks the rules and defies expectations, aligning with the franchise’s meta approach.

Paramount Pictures confirms that Scream VI does indeed have a post-credits scene. However, it may not be what viewers anticipate. It doesn’t provide hints for a sequel or directly relate to the preceding events. Following a harrowing encounter with Ghostface, the Carpenter sisters, Sam and Tara, along with Kirby, Chad, and Mindy, survive the ordeal. Mindy, who shares Randy’s knowledge of movies, horror, and rules, emerges as a survivor, fittingly breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging the film’s place within the franchise.

In this post-credits scene, the survivors grapple with the trauma they have endured, preparing themselves for the inevitable return of Ghostface. As the film concludes with a shot of the New York City skyline, Ghostface delivers one last jump scare, cocking a shotgun before the credits roll. Shortly after, the credits end, and the after-credits scene plays, lasting only a few seconds. Mindy’s words serve as a defiant statement from the franchise, rejecting the notion that every movie needs a post-credits scene. It’s a tongue-in-cheek moment that dismisses the conventions of Hollywood and irritating fan expectations.

Staying for the after-credits scene is entirely optional, as the filmmakers believe it’s more important to acknowledge and respect the contributions of every crew member involved in the making of the film. This sentiment aligns with Randy’s character, who valued the artistry and dedication behind the scenes.

Scream VI breaks the rules and defies expectations, showcasing the creative team’s commitment to maintaining the franchise’s integrity. Some fans may have initially protested when Ghostface was shown wielding a shotgun in the trailer, citing it as a violation of the established rules. However, this film proves that the masked killer can adapt and use any weapon necessary.

This installment of the Scream franchise pushes boundaries and avoids being a mere copy of its predecessors. It distinguishes itself from the likes of Saw, reassuring viewers that predictability has no place in the thrilling adventures of Ghostface. The post-credits scene in Scream VI serves as a testament to the screenwriters and directors’ refusal to succumb to fan service. It reinforces the notion that horror films thrive when rules are challenged.

Scream VI can be streamed on Paramount+.

Scream VI is the latest installment in the Scream franchise, a machine that still has a long path to cover. This was proven after directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett sort of rebooted the concept almost ten years after Wes Craven made Scream 4 and said goodbye the best way he could: by delivering a good horror film. Scream (2022) was a solid return for Ghostface, Woodsboro’s terror, and a great opportunity to connect current events with what Kevin Williamson had thought of 25 years before.


The new generation is still fighting the ruthless figure. We can’t speak of killer or killers, because frankly, you never know with Scream. However, the audiences of Scream VI would demand something different. What other ground could the film cover? And then, the screenwriters came up with a bold idea that would grab everyone and remove them from their comfort zone: How about another place?

We won’t dig around the details because if you haven’t seen this one, you have to know the Scream films depend mostly on the power of their final twist, a big reveal that shows who’s behind the mask. In Scream VIthe very necessary plot device of the twist could easily be the best thing about it.

But if you already saw it and dug the ending as we did, you should know this is the only movie of the franchise that goes for something else in the ending. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about; that desperate storytelling resource popularized by Marvel Studios in which films promised more and more. The post credits, aka after credits, scene that usually confirms it’s not over. Nevertheless, you should also know that rules are meant to be broken, and in the Scream-verse rules are only good for the meta approach the films use over and over.

This one isn’t a regular after credits scene. Hey, it’s not cheating if someone warns you about it first.

Does Scream VI Have a Post Credits Scene?

Scream 6 cast
Paramount Pictures

To be blunt about it, yes. There is a post credits scene, but it’s not what you think. There are no hints of a follow-up (even though there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t make another one), and you can’t even connect it directly to the events that just took place. Sam and Tara, the Carpenter sisters have just faced the film’s iteration of Ghostface and have barely survived. Kirby, Chad and Mindy were also able to live after being viciously attacked.

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Mindy, if you don’t remember, is this generation’s Randy. She knows everything about movies, horror, and rules (yes, she’s related to Randy, so it makes sense). She’s the one who’s always about to break the fourth wall and tell the audience what kind of horror movie they’re watching, and in what franchise stage the current film is taking place. It’s only natural that the writers understand how good she’s done in two movies to let her be a survivor.

All this to say there’s no secret ending in Scream VI. Survivors will deal with trauma and probably prepare for the return of Ghostface. As we see the New York City skyline appear in the final shot, the last jump scare arrives in the form of Ghostface cocking a shotgun and then credits roll. Minutes after, the credits end and the so-called after credits scene is revealed: it’s only a couple of seconds of Mindy saying something that represents the franchise giving a middle finger to rule books, Hollywood, and annoying fan bases. Annoyed, Mindy simply says, “Not every movie needs a post credits scene!” That’s about it. If you want to stick around for this, be our guest. We think it’s much more important to stay and see the names of every crew member that participated in making the film you just saw. It’s what Randy would have liked! Respect.

Try Finding Another Franchise That Breaks the Rules

Paramount Pictures

Honestly, it feels like this couldn’t have been better. Everyone made such a big fuss and some ranted when Ghostface was shown on the trailer using a shotgun. It was “against the rules,” and “changes are definitely not necessary.” Our thought is that there is a serial killer behind the mask and that killer can use anything.

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It was pretty obvious Scream VI was going to change more than a couple of rules. You get a whiff of this when in the film’s introduction, the masked killer screams “who gives a f*** about movies?!” before killing a horror buff. But does it work at making the film better? We’ll let you decided for yourselves, but what we can’t say is the sequels can’t be carbon copies of something you saw before. That’s not how this franchise works. This isn’t Saw.

The post credits scene in Scream VI is proof of the remaining integrity of screenwriters and directors that don’t want to fan service until oblivion. If you expected the franchise to go for the easy direction, then this very short after credits scene confirms that nothing can be predicted in the adventures of Ghostface, and rules are almost never good for horror films.

You can stream Scream VI on Paramount+.

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