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By Jitin Gambhir

Shannon Beador storms off, says Tamra’s revelation will ‘destroy’ her relationship

Shannon Beador, one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” found herself in a stormy situation during the latest episode. After Tamra Judge hinted at some troubling information about Shannon’s relationship, she confronted the Bravo production team. During a dinner with Tamra, Shannon expressed her disbelief and told her not to bring up the topic. However, neither of them revealed what the secret was. Tamra confirmed that Shannon’s private matters had been spread as gossip by their co-star, Heather Dubrow. Overwhelmed by the situation, Shannon stormed off to talk to the production crew, with Tamra following her. Shannon made it clear to the crew that she did not want her relationship to be exposed on the show, as it could potentially ruin it. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wondering about the secret. Earlier in the episode, Tamra had a conversation with Emily Simpson, who revealed that Heather had shared concerning information about Shannon and her boyfriend, John Janssen. Shannon’s voice trembled as she expressed her frustration. It remains unclear what specifically Heather had spread to the other housewives. Tamra admitted that Heather might have had ulterior motives for sharing the information. In the end, Tamra and Emily agreed to approach Shannon delicately and discuss the matter with her. Shannon and John broke up shortly after filming for the show ended. Shannon described their split as a result of constant bickering rather than a single dramatic event. However, they have since reconnected and remain on friendly terms. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Putting the “storm” in Shannon Storms Beador.

Shannon Beador confronted Bravo production after Tamra Judge brought up rumblings of her relationship on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

During a one-on-one dinner, Judge insinuated that co-star Heather Dubrow had disclosed to friends some intimate details of Beador’s relationship with her then-boyfriend, John Janssen.

“Wait, are you kidding me right now? Tamra, you can’t do that to me right now,” Beador firmly told Judge, who had just hinted Dubrow could not be trusted.

However, neither one of them revealed what the damning secret was.

Tamra Judge staring on "RHOC"
Judge revealed that whatever Beador had disclosed to Dubrow about her relationship had been spread as gossip.
Shannon Beador talking on "RHOC"
“Don’t bring it up, don’t bring it up,” Beador told a silent Judge.

Following the outburst, Judge simply stared at Beador as if telepathically telling her what Dubrow, 54, had allegedly repeated.

“I’m mic’d,” Beador, 59, pointed out while begging Judge, 55, “not [to] bring it up.”

The mother of three then jumped up from the table and stormed towards the production crew members sitting at a nearby table.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge talking to production crew on "RHOC"
Beador quickly got up and stormed off to talk to crew members.
Tamra Judge running on "RHOC"
Judge also fled the table to follow her friend.

“I am not gonna air a relationship that I don’t know — that’s gonna destroy us if that comes on the air,” an increasingly upset Beador vaguely told producers.


“If they’re gonna start talking about my relationship, that’s not OK.”

Judge quickly joined Beador to confirm that she figured out what Dubrow had allegedly spread.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge talking on "RHOC"
Judge confirmed Beador’s suspicions.

“Wow. Are you – ? I’m done. This is gonna destroy everything. We’re done. My relationship is over if this is on the air,” a stunned and stressed Beador told the crew with a trembling voice.

The episode ended with a “To Be Continued” and it remains unclear what the secret was.

However, earlier in the episode, Judge sat down with Emily Simpson, who claimed Dubrow had told her some “concerning” information about Beador and Janssen.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge talking on "RHOC"
Beador’s voice began to tremble as she repeated that she’s “done.”
Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter, Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge, Shannon Storms Beador, Jennifer Pedranti posing on the "RHOC" promo photo
It’s unclear what Dubrow allegedly repeated to her co-stars.
Andrew Eccles/Bravo

“Heather has told me multiple things that Shannon has said about John that aren’t great,” Simpson teased in a confessional. “However, it’s like ‘Fight Club,’ and the first rule of Shannon’s relationship is you don’t talk about Shannon’s relationship.”

Judge then admitted that Dubrow had also told her some of the rumblings. However, she believed Dubrow had an ulterior motive.

Can’t get enough ‘Real Housewives?’

“I don’t know that Heather was coming from a place of concern,” Judge admitted in a confessional. “I felt like Heather was coming from a place of gossip. It just makes me feel like she’s not a good friend, and I think Shannon needs to know this.”

Judge and Simpson agreed to “tread lightly” when talking to Beador before the gym owner said she’d subtly bring up the conversation at lunch with Gunvalson later that week.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen posing for a photo together
Beador and John Janssen ended up breaking up right after they finished filming.
Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

Just one week after filming for “RHOC” wrapped in November 2022, Janssen broke up with Beador after four years together.

“It was just a lot of bickering. There was no major [moment like], ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to walk away!’” Beador told TheFantasyTimes in June, as part of TheFantasyTimes’s “24 Hours” video series.

The two initially didn’t talk for months but have since reconnected. Beador, however, has maintained that the two are “not back together” — just “super, super friendly.”

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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