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Sophia Bush changes name, wipes husband from Instagram following split

Sophia Hughes, formerly known as Sophia Bush, has made a notable change on her Instagram profile. In light of her recent divorce from Grant Hughes, the “One Tree Hill” actress has reverted back to her maiden name. Along with this alteration, she has also deleted all traces of her estranged husband from her social media, including any pictures of them together.

The news of their split came to light on the same day that Sophia Bush, who is also known for her role in “Chicago P.D.,” officially filed for divorce. Despite their separation, an insider revealed that Sophia and Grant had been friends for a decade and formed a strong bond during the COVID-19 pandemic through their shared dedication to community service. They continue to work together for their nonprofit organization and maintain a good friendship.

In addition to removing all photos of her estranged husband, Sophia Hughes took down a heartfelt tribute she had previously shared on social media to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. In the deleted Instagram post, she expressed her love for Grant and described their marriage as the best decision of her life, emphasizing their excitement for the future together.

The news of their split came as a surprise, especially considering that just a few weeks ago, the couple had celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. On that occasion, Sophia Bush had posted a photo from their wedding day, accompanied by a touching message. Grant Hughes reciprocated the sentiment with his own loving message to mark their anniversary, which still remains on his Instagram page.

Sophia and Grant had been friends for almost ten years before their romantic relationship began. Their connection deepened during a trip to Nicaragua to ring in the New Year after initially meeting online. However, it was during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic that they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Within a year, they announced their engagement with a photo taken in Lake Como, Italy, expressing their joy at being each other’s favorite person.

Overall, the unexpected divorce between Sophia Hughes and Grant Hughes has brought an end to their brief one-year marriage. Despite the separation, they remain committed to their nonprofit organization and maintain a strong friendship.

From Sophia Hughes to Sophia Bush, again.

The “One Tree Hill” alum swapped her married name for her maiden one on Instagram Friday amid news of her divorce from Grant Hughes.

She also wiped every trace and loved-up picture of her estranged husband.

It was revealed earlier in the day that Bush and Hughes called it quits after one year of marriage — the same day the “Chicago P.D.” star submitted the filing.


“Sophia and Grant were friends for 10 years and bonded during COVID through their love of community service,” an insider told People. “They continue to run their nonprofit together and remain good friends.”

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes.
She also removed every photo of her estranged husband.

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The split comes just a few weeks after the couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. Bush, 41, had shared a heartfelt tribute to her husband on social media, alongside a photo from their wedding day.

“Best decision of my life. It still feels just like this. Ecstatic. Running toward the future, grinning and laughing, together. I love you, my favorite. Happy Anniversary,” Bush wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes
News that the couple had called it quits broke on Friday.

At the time, Hughes also honored his bride with his own sweet message.

“Happy 1st Anniversary, my love! ❤️🥂,” he wrote. “What a full, beautiful, dynamic, exciting, growth-filled year we’ve had together. I truly love doing life with you!”

The post still remains on Hughes’ Instagram page.

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes.
The two had only been married for a year.

The duo had been friends for nearly a decade before they became romantically involved. They bonded during a trip to Nicaragua to celebrate New Year’s after meeting online.

However, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that they decided to be more than just friends. Within a year, they announced their engagement with a photo of themselves in Lake Como, Italy.

“So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth #YES,” Bush captioned a photo in August 2021.

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