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Stephen A Smith brutally reacts to the ESPN layoffs

Stephen A Smith brutally reacts to the ESPN layoffs

Unfortunately, layoffs are inevitable in the professional work environment, even for renowned companies like ESPN. Astonishingly talented individuals like Stephen A Smith will always cherish the memories of the past. They can only hope that their former colleagues, such as Jeff Van Gundy and Jalen Rose, will eventually return following the ESPN layoffs.

Stephen A Smith’s Perspective on the ESPN Layoffs

Stephen A Smith reacted strongly to the ESPN layoffs, expressing his belief that his coworkers deserved better treatment. The esteemed broadcaster did not hold back his words when discussing the matter on his podcast.

“ESPN laid off approximately 20 members of its on-air talent. These were not just friends of mine, but also highly respected colleagues who have consistently delivered exceptional work. They deserved better than the challenging times we find ourselves in,” he candidly declared.

The renowned TV personality also expressed his gratitude towards specific individuals who made a significant impact during their tenure. He highlighted the contributions of Jalen Rose, Jeff Van Gundy, and others.

“To witness the departure of Jalen Rose, my brother, is truly saddening. I have immense admiration for him and the incredible work he has done over the years. He has been an outstanding representative for the company and possesses an exceptional basketball acumen. He has always displayed unwavering dedication,” Stephen A Smith passionately stated.

Furthermore, he firmly believes that his esteemed colleague, Jeff Van Gundy, will not remain unemployed for long.

“Jeff Van Gundy, another extraordinary and brilliant basketball analyst for ESPN throughout the years. Although I will miss him, I cannot fathom him being without work for an extended period. I am confident that he will continue to showcase his expertise on air. Jeff Van Gundy is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame analyst and commentator,” he confidently expressed.

Will we have the pleasure of witnessing these legendary figures on air again?

Stephen A Smith brutally reacts to the ESPN layoffs


Layoffs are unfortunate occurrences in the work and professional environment. Even companies as big as ESPN have let astounding talents go because of cost-cutting. The people left behind like Stephen A Smith will always remember the good old days. All they can do is hope that their now-former workmates like Jeff Van Gundy and Jalen Rose come back one day after the ESPN layoffs.

Stephen A Smith on the ESPN layoffs

Stephen A Smith took the ESPN layoffs in a harsh manner. He felt like his co-workers deserved better. The legendary broadcaster did not mince words when he spoke on his podcast.

“ESPN laid off about 20 members of its on-air talent. Friends of mine actually, definitely respected colleagues, who had done phenomenal jobs and deserved better. They deserved better than the times we are living in,” he declared.

The TV personality left behind even named the special people he was thankful for after their years of service. He went into specifics about Jalen Rose and Jeff Van Gundy among others.

“To see Jalen Rose gone, my brother. I have got a lot of love for that brother, a lot of the great work he has done over the years, and what he has represented for the company. He is a brilliant basketball mind and somebody that worked his a** off all the time,” Stephen A Smith said

He also posits that his “Hall of Fame” colleague will not be out of a job for long.

“Jeff Van Gundy is another outstanding, brilliant basketball analyst for ESPN for years. I could say I am going to miss him but I just cannot imagine he is going to be out of work for long. I am sure I’ll see him on the air doing his thing. Jeff Van Gundy is a Hall of Fame analyst and commentator,” he said

Will we see these legends on air again?

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