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Svarog, Ruin Reawakened Location & Guide

Quick Links – Discovering Svarog, the Reawakened Ruin and Engaging in Combat

Final Fantasy 16 offers a multitude of thrilling Hunts for players to embark on. These Hunts introduce players to Notorious Marks of various ranks, which can be found on the Hunt Board. Initially, players will face lower-ranked marks like the Ten of Clubs. However, as they progress through the story and acquire new abilities, they will become formidable opponents for these enemies.

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As you gain levels and equip yourself with top-tier gear, you will eventually be ready to take on S-rank marks such as Svarog. Updated by Chad Thesen on July 5, 2023: To enhance user experience, we have added additional embedded links within this article. These links allow readers to easily navigate to other interesting articles. The first link provides guidance on how to approach easier marks and emphasizes the importance of gradually working your way up to S-Rank marks like Svarog. The second link directs readers to a comprehensive list of the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16, helping them strategize and prepare for battles against Svarog.

Finding Svarog, the Reawakened Ruin

To locate Svarog, the Reawakened Ruin, players need to fast travel to Caer Norvent Glorious Gate. From there, proceed to the designated point on the map (refer to the image above).

Engaging in Combat with Svarog, the Reawakened Ruin

Svarog, the Reawakened Ruin, is an S-Rank Notorious Mark that presents an unparalleled challenge compared to any mark faced before. Prepare yourself for three immensely powerful abilities.

Embroil – Svarog launches a fire projectile from above, which creates a ring upon impact with the ground. Precise dodging is necessary to evade this attack.

Blazing Legion – Svarog generates multiple orbs on the battlefield, requiring players to skillfully maneuver between them while avoiding other attacks. Contact with these orbs can trigger follow-up assaults, so ensure you have enough space to dodge.


Red Dawn – Svarg conjures two towering columns of flame that continuously burst from the ground. As soon as you witness this, swiftly move to the side. Dodging may be necessary when they approach you. During the final stages of the battle, Svarog will intensify the challenge by combining these moves.


Upon defeating Svarog, players will receive 25,000 Experience Points and 300 Ability Points. Additionally, the drops from this encounter include an Empty Shard, an Orichalcum, an Amber, and a Fallen Enigma. Completing this hunt will also grant a generous reward of 30,000 Gil and 60 Renown.

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Quick Links

Final Fantasy 16 has lots of Hunts for you to experience. These hunts will have you facing Notorious Marks of different ranks found at the Hunt Board. You’ll start with some of the lower-ranked ones, such as the Ten of Clubs, but as you get more abilities from playing through the story, you will become a very formidable opponent for these enemies.

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Once you have gotten a lot of levels under your belt and are fully decked out in some of the best gear, you will be ready for S-rank marks like this one.

Updated by Chad Thesen on July 5, 2023: Additional embedded links have been added to this article to make it easier for the reader to navigate to other articles that readers may find interesting. The first is for a much easier mark, stating how it is important to work your way up to S-Rank marks like Svarog. The second navigates readers to a list of the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16. This will help them know what to outfit their arsenal with when facing Svarog.

Finding Svarog, Ruin Reawakened

Final Fantasy 16 Svarog Map

In order to get to Svarog, Ruin Reawakened, you will need to fast travel on over to Caer Norvent Glorious Gate. From here, go to the marked point on the map image above.

Fighting Svarog, Ruin Reawakened

Final Fantasy 16 Svarog

Svarog, Ruin Reawakened is an S Rank Notorious Mark; right off the bat, expect to face off against something in an entire league of their own compared to any mark you may have faced before. There are three really powerful abilities it will be packing, and you will need to be ready for them.


A fire projectile will fall from above and create a ring once it hits the ground. You will need to precision dodge this ring to avoid the attack.

Blazing Legion

For Blazing Legion, Svarog will create several orbs on the field that you will need to weave between while still avoiding their other attacks. Touching one of these orbs can lead to getting caught in follow-up attacks, so be sure to keep enough room for dodging.

Red Dawn

Svarg will create two large columns of flame that will repeatedly burst from the ground. The moment you see this, start moving to the side. You may need to dodge at the moment they reach you.

When you are nearing victory, and Svarog’s Health Points are low enough, it will start overlapping these moves to make things even harder for the last stretch of the fight.


Final Fantasy 16 Svarog Reward

Once you have defeated Svarog, you will get 25,000 Experience Points and 300 Ability Points. The drops you can see from this are one Empty Shard, one Orichalcum, one Amber, and one Fallen Enigma. Completing this hunt will also bag you a really handsome reward of 30,000 Gil, as well as 60 Renown.

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