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By Jitin Gambhir

Tamra Judge throws napkin at Jennifer Pedranti, storms off in explosive fight

Tamra Judge engaged in a heated argument with Jennifer Pedranti during the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The dispute arose when Judge expressed her concerns about Pedranti’s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, and his alleged history of infidelity. Pedranti defended Boyajian, stating that if he were to make a mistake, it wouldn’t be brushed aside. However, Judge interrupted her and questioned whether he had already made mistakes in the past.

In a dramatic turn of events, Tamra Judge threw a napkin at Jennifer Pedranti and stormed off during the explosive fight on the show. The argument centered around Pedranti’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian, with Judge openly expressing her doubts about his faithfulness. Pedranti denied any rumors of infidelity, although she did admit that there was a brief encounter with another woman during a break in their relationship. Emily Simpson asked Judge if she believed Boyajian would remain loyal to Pedranti, to which Judge responded negatively, expressing her own emotional pain at the thought of infidelity.

Pedranti became emotional and accused Judge of sharing private information with their new friends. Judge refuted these claims and insisted that people already know about Boyajian’s alleged promiscuity. Furthermore, Judge brought up a previous allegation that Boyajian had expressed a desire to engage in a sexual encounter with her. Pedranti warned Judge to be careful with her words about Boyajian, but Judge became increasingly agitated. In a fit of anger, she threw her napkin at Pedranti and exclaimed her frustration at the situation before storming off.

Outside the restaurant, Judge continued to express her anger to Shannon Beador, stating that she was not interested in entertaining Pedranti’s accusations. Meanwhile, inside, the other women questioned Pedranti about her insinuation that Judge found Boyajian attractive. Pedranti initially remained silent but later revealed that there was a previous incident where Judge had called her from Boyajian’s house and made suggestive comments. Pedranti found it amusing at the time but was now perplexed as to why Judge was uncomfortable with their relationship.

Eventually, Judge apologized to Pedranti for her outburst but made it clear that she was still upset with her. Despite Judge’s disapproval, Pedranti and Boyajian are still together and have even made jokes about the infidelity rumors. Pedranti was previously married to Will Pedranti for 18 years before their separation in 2021. They have five children together. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Tamra Judge hurled both her napkin and several expletives at Jennifer Pedranti during an argument on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Judge became enraged while expressing her “worry” to Pedranti that her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, had never been faithful to his partners and that she had left her husband of 18 years for a “player.”

“Yeah, if Ryan were to f–k up, I mean, it’s not gonna be like ‘Oh sweep it under the rug,’” Pedranti said during a group dinner at Nobu.

Judge, 55, quickly interrupted her and asked, “But hasn’t he already f–ked up?”

Tamra Judge screaming on "RHOC"
Tamra Judge threw a napkin at Jennifer Pedranti and stormed off in explosive fight on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”
Jennifer Pedranti talking on "RHOC"
Pedranti and Judge argued about Pedranti’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian.
Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow talking on "RHOC"
Judge confessed that she doesn’t think Pedranti’s man will be faithful to her.

Pedranti, 46, then shut down any speculation that Boyajian has cheated on her. However, she had previously admitted that, at one point, he had a “dalliance” with another woman when they were on a break.


“Do you think that he’s gonna be loyal to her for the rest of her life?” Emily Simpson then asked Judge, who said, “No I don’t. And the thought of him being unfaithful hurts me.”

“It f–king hurts that you air all my s–t to these new friends of mine! That f–king hurts!” Pedranti cried in response as the rest of the women watched on.

Judge, however, denied being the one to spread rumors about her boyfriend, saying that people know “he’s a f–king whore.”

Tamra Judge talking on "RHOC"
Judge also brought up her previous allegation that Boyajian said he wanted to “f–k” her.
Jennifer Pedranti talking on "RHOC"
Pedranti firmly told Judge to “watch” what she’s saying about her boyfriend.

“It is what it is — he walked into my f–king gym and said he wanted to f–k me,” Judge claimed, referring to her previously allegation that Boyajian wanted to hookup with her before he dated Pedranti (which he has denied).

Judge then dropped a new bombshell. She also claimed that one of Boyajian’s friends had previously warned her husband, Eddie Judge, to “watch your wife” because “Ryan goes after married women.”

Can’t get enough ‘Real Housewives?’

But Pedranti teased that there was more to that story than Tamra was saying before seemingly insinuating that the gym owner also “had the hots” for Boyajian. Tamra immediately denied her claims.

“I’d watch it, Tamra,” Pedranti firmly told her, which set off Tamra.

Tamra Judge throwing a napkin
Judge immediately got activated and angrily hurled her napkin at Pendrati.
A napkin in Jennifer Pedranti's face
“You want me to f–king watch it?!” Judge screamed mid-throw.

“Watch it? You want me to f–king watch it?!” Tamra screamed before standing up from the table and hurling her napkin at Pedranti’s face. “I gotta watch it? Are you f–king with me?”

“You should f–king leave your boyfriend, you f–king bitch! F–k you!” Tamra shouted before leaving the table.

Even though Tamra stormed off, she continued her tirade by telling Shannon Beador outside that she’s “not f–king entertaining her bulls–t.”

“She’s dating a f–king douchebag and to insinuate that I was hitting on him? F–k that!” a heated Tamra told Beador.

The "RHOC" cast sitting for dinner
Judge fled the group dinner and continued venting about Pedranti outside.
Jennifer Pedranti talking in a confessional
Pedranti later claimed that Judge used to think her boyfriend was “hot.”

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, the other women asked Pedranti what she meant when she insinuated Tamra used to think her boyfriend was “hot.” At the time, Pedranti remained tight-lipped, but she later confessed her side of the story.

“There was a barbecue,” Pedranti began in a confessional. “Tamra and Eddie went to Ryan’s house, and Tamra called me from there and says, ‘Come over I’m at hot gym guy’s house.’ She jokes and says, ‘Should I go up to his bedroom and take one for the team?’”

Pedranti emphasized that, at the time, she found the whole thing “funny,” but it confused her as to why Tamra now feels “uncomfortable” with her relationship.

The "RHOC" cast sitting at a dinner
Judge apologized to Pedranti, but not before reminding her that she’s still “livid” with her.
Jennifer Pedranti and Ryan Boyajian posing for a photo together
Pedranti and Boyajian appear to still be together.
Todd Williamson/Peacock via Getty Images

A “f–king livid” Tamra and Beador eventually rejoined their co-stars where the former apologized to Pedranti for “throwing a napkin in your face.”

Despite Judge’s disapproval of their relationship, Pedranti and Boyajian appear to still be going strong, going as far as poking fun at the infidelity rumors.

She was previously married to Will Pedranti for 18 years before they separated in 2021. They share five children together: Harrison, 18, Dawson, 15, Greyson, 13, Everleigh, 11, and Dominic, 8.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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