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Tears Of The Kingdom – How To Find And Use Golden Apples

During Link’s heroic quest to save Hyrule in the Tears of the Kingdom, he must prioritize his time for both adventure and sustenance. Food plays a crucial role in the game, providing healing properties, beneficial buffs, and ensuring survival in different weather conditions. It is undeniably one of the most vital aspects of the game.

Discovering the Golden Apple is an essential breakthrough that elevates your cooking prowess to new heights. These extraordinary fruits significantly enhance the healing capacity of your meals, allowing you to create the most potent and nourishing dishes imaginable.

Update by Erin Rice on July 5, 2023: After extensive exploration of Hyrule, it has become evident that Golden Apples can be found in specific locations. This update reveals these locations and provides additional information on the benefits of Golden Apples in recipes.

What exactly are Golden Apples? They are ordinary apples that possess a captivating golden hue. Their rarity makes them a coveted ingredient for culinary creations. Unlike regular apples, which restore only half a heart, Golden Apples restore one and a half hearts. However, it is crucial to avoid consuming them raw. Cooking them in meals unlocks their full potential, transforming any ordinary dish into a healing powerhouse that replenishes a substantial amount of hearts. Additionally, they extend the duration of any effects bestowed by the meal by an extra 20 seconds.

Golden Apples can be found on any apple tree throughout the vast Kingdom of Hyrule. These elusive fruits are exceedingly rare and difficult to locate. Whenever you stumble upon an apple tree, it is imperative to inspect it for the presence of a Golden Apple, ensuring that you don’t miss out on this valuable resource. The most promising areas to search for Golden Apples are the nearby forests. Particularly noteworthy are the Minshi Woods, situated in proximity to the Lost Woods and Korok Forest. Any tree within these woods has the potential to bear golden treasures. Numerous other woods and forests scattered across the kingdom also hold the potential for Golden Apple discoveries.

Another fruitful location to seek out these golden gems is the Sky Islands. However, due to their golden hue, Golden Apples may blend in with the surroundings, necessitating extra vigilance when spotting apple trees on the islands.

For an unparalleled abundance of Golden Apples, venture into the unnamed apple forest near Sonapan Shrine. Situated on the eastern edge of Satori Mountain, this shrine serves as a beacon guiding you to the bountiful forest. The sheer number of apple trees in this area makes it the ultimate hotspot for Golden Apple hunters. With a keen eye, you can uncover upwards of ten or more Golden Apples within this forest. The apples on the trees regenerate every two in-game days.

Throughout the vast expanse of Hyrule, there are eleven forests teeming with apple trees, each offering the potential of discovering Golden Apples. These forests include Applean Forest, Bronas Forest, Bubinga Forest, Dalite Forest, Damel Forest, Ebara Forest, Forest of Spirits, Forest of Time, Giant’s Forest, Hyrule Forest, and Retsam Forest.

Woods, though smaller in size compared to forests, also provide excellent opportunities for Golden Apple foragers. Ten woods scattered across the map offer the potential for Golden Apple finds. These include Faron Woods, Finra Woods, Ginner Woods, Hickaly Woods, Midla Woods, Minshi Woods, Pagos Woods, Rok Woods, Sarjon Woods, and Tabahl Woods.

Now that you have obtained the coveted Golden Apple, it is essential to utilize it wisely. Rather than simply consuming it as is, cooking it amplifies its healing properties. For instance, combining a Golden Apple with a single Mushroom yields an extraordinary meal. The recipes achievable with Golden Apples are truly astounding, guaranteeing the acquisition of the Critical Cook bonus—an increase in buffs bestowed by the dish. This bonus is otherwise only attainable during Blood Moons. By cooking a Golden Apple together with a Stamella Shroom, you can create an Energizing Fruit and Mushroom Mix. While it may not provide an extensive stamina boost (additional Stamella Shrooms can enhance its effect), it restores an impressive seven hearts. This surpasses many of the game’s finest recipes that do not incorporate Golden Apples. Simply put, adding a Golden Apple to any fruit-based recipe bestows remarkable bonuses and transforms any meal into a truly worthwhile culinary experience.


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While Link is busy saving Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, he still needs to find time to eat. Food is an important part of the game. It can heal you, give you buffs, and make sure you are able to survive certain weather conditions. It is one of the most important aspects of the game.

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One ingredient that can take your cooking to the next level is the Golden Apple. These fruits can increase the amount your meals heal by a lot. They can also ensure you are making the best food that you can.

Updated by Erin Rice on July 5, 2023: After exploring Hyrule for some time, it is evident that Golden Apples can be found in certain locations. This update adds these locations to the places to find Golden Apples. It also adds some additional information on how Golden Apples help recipes.

What Are Golden Apples?

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Golden Apple Description

Golden Apples are just regular Apples that are Golden. Their rarity makes them a perfect ingredient for food. They offer Link one and a half Hearts restored rather than the regular Apple’s half a Heart.

However, you do not want to make the mistake of eating them raw. You want to cook them into meals, so you can get all you can out of them.

They will turn any regular dish into one that heals a ton of Hearts. Not only do they add plenty of Hearts, but they will also add an additional 20 seconds to the duration of any effects your meal may have.

Golden Apple Locations

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Golden Apple

Golden Apples are found on any apple tree in the Kingdom of Hyrule. They are extremely rare and difficult to find. Anytime you find an apple tree, check to make sure that it doesn’t have a Golden Apple; you do not want to miss out on them. The best places to look for these are near forests. The Minshi Woods is close to the Lost Woods and Korok Forest.

Any of the trees there has a chance of being apple trees. You can also look at the many other woods and forests that dot the kingdom. Another place to look for these fruits is in the Sky Islands. While the golden color helps them stand out on the ground, it can cause them to blend in if you’re on the Sky Islands. You’ll want to pay extra attention to the apples growing on trees there.

Sonapan Shrine

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Apple Tree Forest Location

Once again, the best places to look for Golden Apples are in forests. One of the best forests to look for Golden Apples in is the unnamed apple forest by Sonapan Shrine. This is a shrine located toward the eastern edge of Satori Mountain. All you need to do is teleport to the location, and you will see the forest beside it.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Apple Tree Forest

The sheer amount of apple trees in this area makes this the best place in the game to find Golden Apples. You can find upwards of 10 or more if you look hard enough. The apples on the tree will respawn every 2 days in-game.

Forests With Apple Trees

The LEgend of Zelda Tears of the kingdom Lost woods Korok Forest

There are 11 forests scattered around Hyrule where players can find Golden Apples in.

  • Applean Forest – East of Lookout Landing
  • Bronas Forest – East of Faron Grasslands
  • Bubinga Forest – East of Dueling Peaks
  • Dalite Forest – South of Satori Mountain
  • Damel Forest – Southwest of Dueling Peaks
  • Ebara Forest – West of Lurelin Village
  • Forest of Spirits – North of the Great Plateau
  • Forest of Time – Northeast of the Great Plateau
  • Giant’s Forest – West of Lookout Landing
  • Hyrule Forest – East of Hyrule Castle
  • Retsam Forest – South of Mount Lanayru

Woods With Apple Trees

zelda tears of the kingdom minshi woods chasm

Woods are areas of trees that are smaller in area than forests. Still, these are great areas to hunt for Golden Apples. There are 10 in total scattered round the map.

  • Faron Woods – North of Faron Grasslands
  • Finra Woods – North of Faron Grasslands
  • Ginner Woods – Southwest of Mount Lanayru (beside Midla Woods)
  • Hickaly Woods – Southeast of Dueling Peaks
  • Midla Woods – Southwest of Mount Lanayru (beside Ginner Woods)
  • Minshi Woods – South of the Lost Woods
  • Pagos Woods – North of Faron Grasslands
  • Rok Woods – South of Skull Island
  • Sarjon Woods – East of Faron Grasslands
  • Tabahl Woods – Southwest of Zora’s Domain

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How To Use Golden Apples

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Golden Apple Cooking

While it is possible to just eat the Golden Apple, you want to cook it. These offer a large boost to the number of Hearts they restore. For example, adding the Golden Apple with only one Mushroom creates an amazing meal. The recipes you can make with these are unreal. They actually ensure that you get the Critical Cook bonusa bonus that ensures that whatever you make has an increase to the buff it provides. Other than using Golden Apples, you can only obtain this Critical Cook Bonus during Blood Moons.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Golden Apple Meal

A Golden Apple and a Stamella Shroom cooked together can create an Energizing Fruit and Mushroom Mix. While it doesn’t restore a lot of stamina (it can restore more if you add more Stamella Shrooms), it does restore 7 Hearts. That is a lot for just being a Golden Apple and a Stamella Mushroom.

They can easily beat some of the best recipes in the game that don’t use Golden Apples. Truly, just using a Golden Apple in any recipe that requires a fruit will give you amazing bonuses. Adding the Golden Apple to any meal will make it a meal worthwhile.

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