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By Jitin Gambhir

That’s So Raven Funniest Moments, Ranked

That’s So Raven is a timeless sitcom that has stood the test of time. The show premiered on Disney in 2003 and aired for four seasons, despite stiff competition from other popular Disney shows of the early 2000s such as Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. The show’s popularity led to two spin-off series, Raven’s Home and Cory in the House.

The show is a mix of humor and mysticism, following the life of teenager Raven Baxter, who has secret psychic abilities that allow her to see into the future. However, she doesn’t always interpret her visions accurately, leading to trouble. Raven’s carefree and spunky personality adds to the entertainment value of the show, even when things go awry.

Raven’s two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie, are privy to her abilities and provide unwavering support to Raven. When Raven has visions about her friends, she warns them about potential pitfalls, making their high school experience a little bit easier.

Raven’s home life is equally humorous, with her parents Tanya and Victor Baxter raising her right and supporting her through her ups and downs. Raven inherited her psychic abilities from her mom, as her generation skipped her dad and younger brother Cory, who both lack psychic visions.

Raven’s relationships with her friends and family are hilarious and endearing. Her friendship with Chelsea is authentic, as Chelsea never gets jealous of Raven’s abilities and provides constant support. Raven’s relationship with her younger brother Cory is also comical, with both siblings causing trouble for each other.

Raven’s catchphrase “Ya nasty!” is iconic and said at least once in every episode. Her impersonations and dancing skills add to the entertainment value of the show. However, Raven’s visions are not always accurate, leading to comical mishaps and misunderstandings.

The face Raven makes when she enters vision mode is also iconic. Her stunned expression and wide eyes are a hallmark of the show. Despite fans’ desires for a reboot or third spin-off, the show ended due to the actors aging at a rate that didn’t align with their on-screen characters. Fortunately, fans can still catch reruns on Disney Channel and watch full seasons on Disney+.

That’s So Raven is one of those sitcoms that is just as good now as it ever was. Premiering on Disney in 2003, the mystical and humorous series aired for four seasons. Having quite the competition, as the early 2000s were a popular time for Disney sitcoms like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevensthe show still received enough positive reception from fans to give it two spin-off series, Raven’s Home and Cory in the House.

The show is exciting and funny, as it follows Raven Baxter, a teenager who has secret psychic abilities that allow her to see into the future. As these visions begin, she doesn’t always get them right, making for some trouble ahead. Not to mention, she’s a spunky and carefree spirit, so anything she does is entertaining, even if it leads to a mishap from what she thinks she sees vision-wise.


Though Raven is the only person on the show with psychic visions, she has two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie. Comfortable enough to tell her friends about her abilities, Raven is completely supported by them. The group takes high school head-on, literally, and when Raven sees into the future, she even has visions about her friends, making her able to warn them about bad boyfriends and outcomes before they happen.

Raven’s home life is just as comical as her life with Chelsea and Eddie. Her mom and dad, Tanya and Victor Baxter, raise her right and continue to support her even through the craziness of Raven’s upbeat personality and abilities. Though her parents and younger brother Cory don’t have psychic visions, Raven inherited them through her mom whose generation was skipped, resulting in only Raven being psychic.



8 Raven and Chelsea’s Relationship

that's so raven
Disney Channel

Raven and Chelsea were always up to something. They’re each other’s sidekicks and encourage the other in the funniest of ways. Not only does Chelsea give Raven unwavering support, she never gets jealous of what her best friend is able to do, making their relationship even more authentic. Sometimes their antics can result in some trouble, but what else is new? For instance, when Raven got ahold of her Grandma Viv’s spell book, she and Chelsea accidentally turned themselves into cows! The two are undeniably funny, and their friendship is truer than true.

7 Raven and Her Brother Cory are Hilarious and Inseparable

that's so raven
Disney Channel

Though Cory is Raven’s younger brother, she treats him equally, most of the time, and makes sure he’s involved in her life as much as possible. Cory is exactly what a younger brother should be: a prankster. He’s always causing trouble for Raven and shows no remorse for his funny antics. Why should he? Raven is just as guilty of causing trouble for Cory, but together, they are stronger, and most of the time both of them are trying to get away with something behind their parent’s backs.

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6 Raven’s Catchphrase

that's so raven
Disney Channel

We all know that Raven has an iconic face for her visions, but she also has an iconic catchphrase. You know something is out of the norm when you hear her say, “Ya nasty!” It’s said at least once an episode, and she doesn’t care who or what she is referring to, because when Raven is right, Raven is right — and if something is improper, then you’ll know about it.

5 Raven’s Impersonations

that's so raven
Disney Channel

Raven is one of the funniest impersonators. From her dialogue to her acting ability, every time she has the chance to impersonate someone, it’s a comical scene. From her goofy disguises to get away with things to impersonating the janitor, Raven does it all. For instance, Raven tried to impersonate her own mom for a parent-teacher conference. While dressed up, she walks down the high school hallways with a confidence that only Raven could portray. Though her impersonation is a far cry from what her mom is like, she hilariously tries to get away with the disguise and does a good job in doing so.

4 Raven’s Love Life

that's so raven
Disney Channel

When is Raven not yearning over someone? She has a swift heart with wit and charm that could impress anybody. She falls easily, but sometimes, the outcome is never great. Whether she’s crushing over the Boyz ‘N Motion group that comes to her house for dinner or convincing herself that she is in a relationship with a cute boy who looked in her direction, Raven’s love life is full of laughable moments.

3 When Is Raven Not Dancing?

that's so raven
Disney Channel

If having psychic visions wasn’t already cool enough, Raven gets even more “cool” credits for being able to break it down. She’s accident-prone, yes, but whether she’s breaking her fall with a dance move or just busting it down because she can, her dancing is never unnoticed or unappreciated. Not only does she get goofy with it, she always looks like she’s enjoying herself, making her dance scenes much more entertaining.

2 Sometimes Things Aren’t What They Seem

that's so raven
Disney Channel

Though Raven’s psychic abilities are strong, and they continue to manifest in power throughout the series, she sometimes gets things misconstrued. Whether the vision is glitchy or the beginning, middle, and end get mixed up, Raven confidently trusts whatever she sees. She’s easily excited, making her run to Chelsea and Eddie right away with warnings.

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However, Raven gets herself into some trouble when she’s wrong about what she sees. For instance, when she gives Tyler from school a makeover, she has a vision that he reveals to her that he has a crush on her. Before knowing how good he would look after his makeover, Raven jumps quickly to tell Tyler she just wants to be friends. When the makeover is finished, she falls for Tyler and his new look, but he moves on knowing that she only likes him for his new appearance. So, although the visions are mostly helpful, they can also lead to many different outcomes. It just depends on how Raven understands what she sees.

1 The Face of Raven’s Visions

that's so raven
Disney Channel

Raven’s face when she goes into vision mode is iconic. She suddenly looks stunned, frozen in time. Her head turns to the side and her eyes gleam widely. Her mouth drops in astonishment before the vision comes to life. When it is over, she’s warped back into the present time. These visions can even take place in front of others, but somehow, nobody notices, making the idea of it all even funnier. She stays under her psychic control for seconds, but when she snaps back to reality, everything continues as it was — that is until Raven takes action on what she saw.

The show is an excellent description of the supernatural and delivers its ideology with a comical intention. Though fans could use a That’s So Raven reboot, there’s, unfortunately, no indication of creating either a reboot or a third spin-off. The show ended because the actors were aging at a rate that didn’t align with the characters on screen. Fans, however, can catch reruns on Disney Channel as well as watch full seasons on Disney+.

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