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The Blood Moon Hunt Location (How to Find & Beat Terminus)

In Final Fantasy 16, the worldbuilding is truly remarkable, blending elements of fantasy with the series’ signature themes to create a unique and immersive experience. While exploring the continent of Valisthea, players will encounter remnants of the Fallen, providing a glimpse into the continent’s past. However, they must also be wary of automatons that come to life and attack those who venture too close.

One such automaton is the Blood Moon, also known as the Terminus, a Notorious Mark that players can hunt down. To do so, players must first complete the Weird Science side quest and then head to The Crock in Sanbreque, where they will find the Blood Moon in the same location as the Bomb King.

The Blood Moon is a formidable opponent, using its massive frame to deal damage up close and attacking from a distance with lasers and AoE attacks. Players must be ready to avoid contact while attacking and watch out for its clamping/pinching attack, which can crush them between its separated body parts, causing an energy explosion after three such crushes.

To defeat the Blood Moon, players must use ranged attacks during its Hypersurge attack, where it bounces around creating electrical AoE attacks, and block its Short Circuit attack with Titan’s Titanic Block. Once the lasers are done, players can counterattack with Phoenix Shift. Defeating the Blood Moon rewards players with 3200 XP, 85 Ability Points, 9800 Gil, and 35 Renown, as well as two Meteorite for crafting.

In Final Fantasy 16, the Fallen Orb, or Blood Moon, can be a dangerous adversary, but with this guide, players can even the odds against Terminus and emerge victorious.

The Fallen Orb, known as the Blood Moon, can be dangerous in Final Fantasy 16—time to even the odds against Terminus with this guide.


The worldbuilding in Final Fantasy 16 is quite fantastic, leaning into the realm of fantasy but, at the same time, infusing the series’ signature themes into the everyday lives of everyone in Valisthea. While the flora and fauna are definitely familiar, the remnants of the beings known as the Fallen provide another way for players to connect with the past of the continent.

While exploration can be enlightening, Clive and his allies will also face resistance in such areas in the form of automatons that come to life to stop anyone foolish enough to step foot within their sight. One such creature is the ominously named Blood Moon, otherwise known as the Terminus, a Notorious Mark players can hunt down in Final Fantasy 16. This guide will lead players to where they need to be in order to beat this foe.

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Where to Find Terminus, the Blood Moon, in Final Fantasy 16

Where to Find Terminus the Blood Moon in Final Fantasy 16

This hunt will become available back at the hideaway once players have completed the Weird Science side quest. Coincidentally, the enemy will be found in the exact same location as the Bomb King, which is at The Crock in Sanbreque.

How to Beat Terminus in Final Fantasy 16

Players will find this enemy familiar, as it is of a similar type as the ones that stand in the way in Waloed. Its main attacks include using its lasers and AoE attacks while also using its body to slam into Clive. To stay alive, watch out for the following attacks:

  • As mentioned, Terminus can be a handful up close, using its massive frame to deal damage. Always be ready to avoid contact while attacking.
  • It loves to use a clamping/pinching attack that sees it separate its body to crush whatever is between repeatedly. After three such crushes, an energy explosion will occur. Stay far away to be safe.
  • The lasers are well-telegraphed, so take the chance to close the gap and attack while Terminus is busy targeting the wrong area.

How to Beat Terminus in Final Fantasy 16 Hypersurge

  • Once its health is reduced sufficiently, the enemy starts using Hypersurge, where it bounces constantly to create electrical AoE attacks. Just move back and keep using ranged attacks during this period.
  • When Short Circuit is utilized, this will see Terminus fire off lasers all around it, with a primary one following Clive. To negate this attack entirely, just use Titan’s Titanic Block. After the lasers are done, Terminus will be vulnerable, so dash using Phoenix Shift to begin the counterattack.

How to Beat Terminus in Final Fantasy 16 Short Circuit

Bringing down Terminus will see players get 3200 XP, 85 Ability Points, 9800 Gil, and 35 Renown. It will also drop two Meteorite for players to use in their crafting adventures.

Final Fantasy 16 is exclusively available for PlayStation 5.

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