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By Nikita Gambhir

The Horizon Franchise Should Take a Page Out of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Playbook

An action-RPG often boasts extensive character customization, allowing players to express themselves in various ways. Horizon Forbidden West is no exception, offering players a wide range of customization options for the main protagonist, Aloy. As players progress through the game’s main story and side activities, they unlock various customization items for Aloy, including new clothing options, headgear, and face paint. However, there is one area of customization that the Horizon franchise has yet to explore fully, and it may be time to seek inspiration from games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Horizon Forbidden West introduces several forms of customization for Aloy. One of the most prominent is the various armors available in the game. These armors are categorized based on rarity and provide different looks for Aloy. In the upcoming game, players can utilize a transmog system to apply the stats of one armor piece to another, allowing them to maintain their preferred visual design. Additionally, players can dye these outfits using Horizon Forbidden West’s Dye Flower collectibles.

Besides armor, Horizon Forbidden West also offers collectible face paints that allow players to customize Aloy’s face. These face paints are categorized into different tribes in the game and provide players with the opportunity to create a unique version of the character. From simple black markings on Aloy’s cheeks to elaborate multicolored displays, these face paints add another layer of personalization. Some face paints even pay homage to other PlayStation franchises, such as the Mark of War face paint inspired by God of War.

While Horizon Forbidden West provides impressive customization options, there is always room for improvement. Throughout the series, Aloy has maintained the same hairstyle, and it may be time for Guerilla Games to allow players to customize Aloy’s hair. Games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have successfully implemented customizable hairstyles, granting players the freedom to create their own unique version of the character. Taking inspiration from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s hairstyle customization could enhance the next Horizon game and further personalize Aloy.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available on PS4 and PS5.

One of the biggest selling points of an action-RPG is the amount of character customization it usually offers. While some ARPGs restrict this customization to just the type of weapon the player can wield, some give players a bit more freedom in how they go about expressing themselves, and Horizon Forbidden West is certainly one of those games.

By progressing through Horizon Forbidden West‘s main story and all of its side activities, players will gradually start to unlock a plethora of customization items for main protagonist Aloy, from new clothing options to headgear to face paint. But there’s one big customization area that the Horizon franchise hasn’t explored just yet, and for the series’ next entry, it might be time to look at games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for inspiration.


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The Next Horizon Game Could Learn From Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Hairstyle Customization

star wars jedi survivor - cal beard customization

Horizon Forbidden West features several different forms of customization for its main character Aloy. The most prominent form of customization in Horizon comes from the series’ many different armors. Broken into categories based on rarity, Aloy can equip a range of different armors throughout her adventures, with each one giving her a completely different look. These outfits often encompass both Aloy’s top and bottom halves, as well as her head. In Horizon Forbidden Westplayers can use a simple transmog system to apply the stats of one piece of armor to another in order to keep the favored visual design. These outfits can also be dyed different colors using Horizon Forbidden West‘s Dye Flower collectibles.

Aside from armor, Horizon Forbidden West also lets players customize Aloy’s face a little via a slew of collectible face paints. Categorized into Horizon Forbidden West‘s different tribes, these face paints give players another opportunity to make Aloy feel like their own unique version of the character. These face paints range from simple black markings on Aloy’s cheeks to full multi-colored displays across her whole face. Some face paints even act as Easter eggs to other PlayStation franchises, such as the God of War-inspired Mark of War face paint unlocked by finding all three Totems of War.

But while Horizon Forbidden West‘s customization options were pretty great, especially for an action-adventure game that only has light RPG elements, there’s always room for improvement. Over the last two games in the Horizon series, and their respective DLC expansions, Aloy has rocked the same hairstyle throughout. While the twists and central braids of Aloy’s hair are one of the main contributing factors behind the character’s now-iconic look, it might be time for Guerilla Games to go just that one step further, and let players customize Aloy’s hairstyle. And when it comes to customizable hairstyles in action-adventure-RPGs, there’s no one leading the charge quite like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Though the first game in the series only had a handful of customization options for main character Cal Kestis, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor went above and beyond, letting players truly create their own version of the Jedi Knight. One of the biggest additions in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was the inclusion of hairstyles for Cal, with 14 scattered across the galaxy for players to collect. These hairstyles ranged from classic Jedi looks like short cuts and ponytails, to more eccentric looks like a full-on mullet. On top of that, Eat: Survivor also included 12 different facial hairstyles for Cal. The next Horizon game could really benefit from taking inspiration from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s hairstyle customization, letting players customize Aloy just that little bit more to make her their own unique version of the character.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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