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By Jitin Gambhir

The Red Door directors on what makes them different

The Red Door directors on what makes them different

The fifth and final installment of the Insidious series, Insidious: The Red Door, brings the renowned franchise to a close. Directors James Wan and Jason Blum have opened up about the distinctive elements that set their franchise apart and how they have managed to captivate horror enthusiasts.

Jason Blum shared his thoughts on the series’ enduring relevance over the span of 13 years in an exclusive interview with Discussing Film. He said, “I believe James (Wan) truly laid the groundwork with the Lambert family, making them incredibly compelling. Audiences have formed a deep connection with their journey, and they are eager to witness what unfolds next.”

“Moreover,” Blum continued, “the tone of our movies is quite unique. They possess a comedic aspect that is seldom found in most horror films. When you attend an Insidious movie, you know that you will experience fear, but you are also guaranteed a good time. There are numerous reasons for our franchise’s enduring success, but these two factors are the primary contributors.”

When questioned about whether this marks the definitive end of the series, Blum responded, “Make sure to catch this installment of Insidious, as it is the final one! In a more serious tone, [The Red Door] will be the last we see of Insidious for a considerable period. While it may not be a permanent farewell, it will certainly be an extended break. So, if someone happens to come up with an intriguing concept in the next decade, who knows? However, at present, there is no concrete plan for a sixth movie, unlike the preceding Insidious films.”

Insidious: The Red Door is set to hit theaters on July 7.

The Red Door directors on what makes them different

The fifth and final chapter of the Insidious series, Insidious: The Red Door, brings the iconic series to a close. The directors James Wan and Jason Blum opened up about what made their franchise different, and how they’ve kept horror fans interested.

Jason Blum told Discussing Film of the series relevance over the course of 13 years, “I think James (Wan) really laid the groundwork with the Lambert family to make them really compelling. People are very connected to their journey, they want to see what happens to them next.”

“I think the tone of the movies is very unique too,” Blum continued. “They’re a lot funnier than most horror movies. So when you’re going to see an Insidious movie, you know you’re going to be scared, but you also know you’ll have a good time. I think there are a lot of reasons, but those are kind of the two primary reasons that the franchise has had such staying power.”


When asked if it was the true end of the series, Blum said: “You better see this Insidious, it’s the last one! To give a more serious answer, [The Red Door] is going to be the last we’re going to see of Insidious for a while. It may not be a forever rest, but it’s certainly going to be a very long rest. So, if someone comes up with some idea in 10 years, who knows? But there’s not a plan – as there has been with every prior Insidious movie – there’s no current plan in place for number six.”

Insidious: The Red Door hits theaters July 7.

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