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By Jitin Gambhir

Tiffani Thiessen attributes her good looks to ‘just not giving a s–t’

Tiffani Thiessen credits her timeless beauty to simply not caring about others’ opinions. In a recent episode of “Good Instincts,” the brunette beauty opened up to celebrity nutritionist Shira Barlow, expressing that she feels much more comfortable in her own skin now compared to a decade ago. Thiessen, who is about to turn 50 in January, mentioned that reaching this milestone birthday feels different. She believes there is an expectation for her to maintain a certain appearance, especially after her early fame in “Saved By the Bell.” However, she acknowledges that it’s unrealistic to meet these expectations, stating, “I can only age naturally, right?”

Thiessen emphasized that while she does make efforts to take care of her physical appearance, her focus is primarily on her mental well-being and self-love. She understands that people may judge her based on her external appearance, but they have no idea about her internal journey. She believes it’s crucial to prioritize inner happiness because it ultimately reflects on the outside.

The actress admitted that her main concern is being there for her husband, children, and future grandchildren for as long as possible. Thiessen feels better now than she did a decade ago and attributes this to her newfound attitude of not caring about others’ opinions.

These revelations from Thiessen came after she was spotted running errands without any makeup in Los Angeles. She sported athletic wear and tied her hair back as she walked to her car from a Starbucks. Despite being followed by paparazzi to a gas station, she remained friendly and flashed a smile for the camera.

Since her days as a starlet, Thiessen’s priorities shifted to motherhood after marrying Brady Smith in 2005. They have a daughter named Harper Smith and a son named Holt Fisher Smith. Alongside her role as a mother, Thiessen discovered her passion for cooking and released a cookbook titled “Pull Up a Chair.” She also took on the role of host and producer for MTV’s “Deliciousness,” which she considers a dream job due to its proximity to her home and the joy she experiences on set every day.

Overall, Thiessen’s journey towards self-acceptance and prioritizing inner happiness shines through her actions and words, demonstrating that age is just a number.

Tiffani Thiessen attributed her timeless beauty to “just not giving a s–t.”

During Friday’s episode of “Good Instincts,” the brunette beauty told celebrity nutritionist Shira Barlow that she “feel[s] so much more at ease now than I was even 10 years ago.”

“I don’t know if it’s me just not giving a s—t,” the “Saved By the Bell” star continued.

The mother of two — who is about to celebrate her milestone 50th birthday in January — added, “It’s a different feeling this time around hitting a bigger, you know, a bigger birthday this time.”


Thiessen furthered that she feels there is an expectation for her to look a certain way after shooting to stardom at 15.

Tiffani Thiessen
The actress admitted there is an expectation for her to look a certain way after she starred in “Saved By the Bell.”
GC Images

Tiffani Thiessen
“It’s just not realistic. I can only age the way I’m going to age, right?” she said.
Alamy Stock Photo

“I don’t know, it’s interesting,” she continued. “Yes, I think people will say things, you know… and maybe expect me to look a certain way, yes, but I mean, it’s just not realistic. I can only age the way I’m going to age, right?”

The “Son in Law” actress further explained that she is doing what she can to keep up with her appearance, but is focusing more on her mental health and “self-love.”

“I’m taking care of myself and doing things that I know will benefit the outside exterior of myself that people are… but yeah, those people don’t know what’s happening on the inside, right? [it’s] important because that’s what actually helps the outside.”

In fact, Thiessen admitted that she cares mostly about doing what she can to “be around as long as possible” for her husband, kids and eventually grandkids.

Tiffani Thiessen
The “Son in Law” star furthered that she feels better than she did 10 years ago.

Tiffani Thiessen on the set of "Saved By the Bell."
“I don’t know if it’s me just not giving a s—t,” she added.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“All those things that are much more important to me now,’ she noted.

Thiessen’s remarks on the podcast come after she was spotted running errands makeup free in Los Angeles Wednesday.

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At the time, she sported athletic wear with her hair tied back as she walked to her car from a Starbucks.

The paparazzi then followed the actress to a gas station, where she flashed a friendly smile to the camera.

Brady Smith and Tiffani Thiessen
The actress has since married Brady Smith.

Tiffani Thiessen with her husband
The two share daughter Harper Smith and son Holt Fisher Smith.

After becoming a starlet, Thiessen traded Hollywood life for motherhood after she and her husband, Brady Smith, welcomed daughter Harper and son Holt Fisher. The duo wed in 2005.

She also discovered her passion for cooking as she then released the cookbook “Pull Up a Chair” and took on the job of host and producer for MTV’s “Deliciousness.”

“It is a dream job. The stages where we shoot are probably a good 12 minutes from my house, and we literally giggle every single day on set,” she told TheFantasyTimes previously about her latest endeavor.

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