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By Jitin Gambhir

Tori Spelling’s friends, family ‘concerned’ about actress amid ‘catastrophic’ split from Dean McDermott, RV move

Tori Spelling’s separation from her husband Dean McDermott is causing a lot of turmoil, and her mother, Candy, is unfortunately caught in the middle of it all, according to insiders. A source describes the situation as “catastrophic” and reveals that everyone is concerned. There are speculations that McDermott has returned to rehab, although another source claims that his whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, Tori and her five children had to move to a budget motel after their rental home was allegedly infested with black mold. Later, they settled into an RV. However, Candy is unjustly being blamed for their current situation. It’s important to note that Candy Spelling would never allow her daughter to live in an RV, as an insider confirms. In fact, Candy was unaware of the situation until she read it in TheFantasyTimes. To add more complexity to the matter, Josh Flagg from Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” has also been involved in the Spelling family’s housing drama. Josh Flagg played a role in repairing Tori and Candy’s strained relationship and has been actively helping Tori find a new house for the past two months. It’s unclear why Tori ended up in a hotel and then an RV, as Josh has been sending her property listings consistently. Tori and Josh have a sibling-like bond, and Candy is like a second mother to him. They have been working together to find Tori a suitable home for months. Candy was even planning to contribute financially, although the exact amount is unknown. Some insiders suspect that Tori’s housing situation may be a ploy to regain attention and potentially land a reality show or book deal. However, the main point is that Josh and Candy have been doing their best to help Tori secure a house, but they haven’t made much progress. Candy, the widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling, only wants a positive relationship with her daughter. It’s disheartening for her to see headlines about Tori living in an RV when she has been actively trying to find her a house for months. There has been no response from Tori’s representative regarding these claims.

Tori Spelling’s split from husband Dean McDermott is bringing out the worst in her and her mom, Candy, seems to be caught in the middle of the messy split, insiders say.

A source exclusively describes the situation to TheFantasyTimes as “catastrophic.”

“Everyone’s concerned,” they tell us.

Some sources believe McDermott has been back in rehab. However, another source tells us of the rehab speculation that “he’s definitely somewhere. No one seems to know where.”

Meanwhile, Tori and her five children had to relocate to a cheap motel after their rental home was allegedly infested with black mold. They later moved into an RV, and her mom, Candy, is “unfairly” being blamed for the former “Beverly Hills, 90201” star and TV scion’s situation.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
Spelling and McDermott announced their divorce in June.

“The public has gotten this picture that [Candy is] ignoring Tori, and it’s not true. Under no circumstances would Candy Spelling let her [daughter] live in an RV,” an insider tells us.

In fact, “[Candy] didn’t even know about it until she read it about it in TheFantasyTimes,” the source claims.

Making matters more complex, Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” star Josh Flagg is also caught up in the Spelling family housing drama.

Tori and Candy Spelling
Candy Spelling found out Tori was living in an RV by reading TheFantasyTimes.

The celebrity realtor was responsible for helping repair Tori and Candy’s estranged relationship, and several sources told us he’s been instrumental in trying to get Tori to “look at houses for the last two months!”


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“No one knows why she went to a hotel, and why she’s in an RV. It makes no sense. He sends her [listings] every day,” one says.

Josh Flagg
Bravo Star Josh Flagg is close to the Spellings and has been searching for homes for Tori.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Tori and Flagg “are like brother and sister, and Candy is like a second mom to Josh,” a source tells us, adding that they’ve been “trying to get her a house for months!”

We’re told Candy was going to help pay for the new house, but it’s unclear how much.

Insiders are speculating that Tori’s housing antics may be a gimmick to get back on TV, with one telling us, “I bet she’s doing a reality show … Next, she’ll be at the welfare office with the kids getting food stamps. I bet you.”

The first source quipped, “She must have the paparazzi living at the trailer park. When have you ever seen the paps at Wal-Mart? It’s definitely a book deal, or some kind of series [in the works]. It’s like poor little rich girl.”

Tori Spelling
Spelling and her five children moved into an RV after a brief stint in a motel.

Per the source, the bottom line is that “Josh and Candy have been doing everything they can to get Tori into a house, and they just can’t make headway.’

The widow of iconic TV producer Aaron Spelling, “Candy doesn’t want a bad relationship with Tori. All that she’s ever wanted is a great relationship with her daughter, and it’s extremely difficult when you open up the newspaper and read that she’s living in an RV when she’s been trying to get her a house for months,” they said.

A rep for Tori did not get back to us.

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