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By Jitin Gambhir

‘Walking Dead’ star Jeffrey Dean Morgan on how he’d survive zombies

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor known for his role as Neegan in “The Walking Dead,” believes he has what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse. Morgan confidently told TheFantasyTimes that he would outlast the flesh-eating mutants by living on his farm and picking them off with a rifle from atop a hill. He added that he is a good shot. Morgan’s character and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) have been spun off into a new show, which sees them traveling to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan overrun with zombies and dangerous living characters.

Morgan, 57, also shared his thoughts on New York City’s scary times during the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that the city had its scary moments, but he believes it will be alright. Meanwhile, Cohan, Morgan’s co-star, sounded confident that she could survive an army of zombies by finding a team and having each other’s backs. “The Walking Dead: Dead City” is set to premiere on June 18th at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty sure he’d survive a zombie apocalypse.

When asked whether he believes he would outlast those pesky, flesh-eating mutants, the actor told TheFantasyTimes exclusively, “I do, I do.”

“Well, [for] one, I’d just go home and live on my farm and then sit up on top of a hill with a rifle and pluck ’em off, you know?” he told us last Tuesday at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of “The Walking Dead: Dead City.”

“I’m a good shot,” he added.

Morgan’s character, Neegan, along with Maggie (Lauren Cohan), has been spun off on a new show, which finds them traveling to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan that has long ago been cut off from the mainland.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan talking at a panel.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty sure he could survive a real-life zombie apocalypse.
Kristina Bumphrey/Shutterstock for AMC Networks
zombies from "The Walking Dead."
Morgan noted that he’s a “good shot” and would be able to take down the zombies with his rifle.

The duo find the Big Apple to be teeming with the living dead and, of course, some nasty live characters.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” alum, 57, also felt like NYC has been going through some scary times following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I think things got a little rough there for a minute,” he shared, “I think we’re on our way to being good, but during the pandemic, we all had some scary moments in the city.

“Nothing is as bad as a zombie apocalypse and what would happen to New York then,” he noted. “Let’s knock on wood that this great city will be all right. I feel like we will be.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in "The Walking Dead."
Morgan’s character, Neegan, has been spun off into a new show.

As for his baseball bat-toting character, who was introduced at the end of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead,” Morgan knows he is “a little bit polarizing.”

“He came on polarizing because he killed a couple of the show’s favorite characters, so people either loved him or they really hated him.

“And I don’t know that that has shifted a lot. I think people still really hate him or they really love him, which is cool because no one feels indifferent about him.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in "The Walking Dead."
Morgan knows his character, Neegan, is polarizing for viewers.
Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in  "The Walking Dead: Dead City."
The new show is set in a very scary version of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s co-star, Cohan, sounded nonplussed when asked whether she had the chops to survive an army of zombies.

“Oh, yeah,” she replied. “Sorry, I don’t mean to sound so sure, but yes!

“You have to think ahead, finding a team, have each other’s backs,” the 41-year-old explained before adding, “What does survive mean? Is dying maybe surviving in this world?”

“The Walking Dead: Dead City” premieres June 18 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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