7 Famous Authors Who Mysteriously Disappeared

Agatha Christie Disappeared For 10 Days In 1926 After An Argument With Her Husband But Was Found Under The Name Of Mrs Tressa Neele In A Hotel

Edgar Allan Poe The Inventor Of Detective Fiction Was Discovered In A Semiconscious Condition In Baltimore In 1849 And Passed Away Soon After

Ambrose Bierce Vanished In 1913 During His Travels To Mexico To Witness The Mexican Revolution Firsthand His Last Known Whereabouts Was In Chihuahua Mexico

Ian Mackintosh A British Navy Officer And Thriller Writer Disappeared In 1979 While Flying Over The Gulf Of Alaska

Antoine De Saintexupéry A French Aviator And Author Of The Little Prince Disappeared During World War Ii While On A Reconnaissance Mission

Yda Hillis Addis A Short Story Writer Escaped From An Insane Asylum In 1902 And Disappeared Forever

Irmgard Keun A German Novelist Pretended To Have Died And Stayed In Exile Either In France Or The Netherlands During World War Ii

Agatha Christie Is Recognized As The Queen Of Crime For Her Renowned Detective Novels