8 Reasons Why Not To Watch Adipurush

8 Reasons Why Not To Watch Adipurush Prabhaskriti Sanon Starrer Adipurush Has Been Facing Multiple Controversies Due To Various Reasons Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Can Skip This Film Social Media

Colloquial Dialogues Adipurush And Screenwriter Manoj Muntashir Came Under Fire For The Use Of Tapori Language However The Makers Have Now Changed The Controversial Dialogues After Public Backlash

Representation Of Characters, Ravana With Strange Hairstyle, Hanuman Without Beard, Meghnad With Tattoo, And Rama Wearing Leather Shoes Instead Of Khadoon, Implying Indifference

Meghnad Cuts Sitas Throat In One Of The Scenes Of The Movie It Is Depicted That Meghnad Slits The Throat Of An Illusionary Sita

According To The Ramayana When Hanuman Ji Could Not Identify The Sanjeevani Booti Needed To Save Laxmans Life He Decided To Carry The Entire Mountain With Him However In The Movie The Writer Has Changed The Reason Hanuman Ji Is Shown Saying That The Sanjeevani Booti Would Come In Handy For Others Who Might Get Injured In The Battle

Important Episode Missing In The Ramaravana War When Rama Finds It Difficult To Defeat Ravana Ravanas Brother Vibhishana Told Rama To Strike An Arrow At Ravans Navel This Important Episode Is Missing From The Film Adipurush

Kumbhakarna In The Fight Of Hanuman In Adipurush Movie, Kumbhakarna Impersonates Hanuman And Easily Defeats Him

Dark Lanka Ravana'S Sri Lanka And Sinne'S Dream Reveal Subhama. Arya Kannayan Was Worried That The Film Had To Be Released, So Lanka Was A Golden Region.

Vibhishan'S Wife Seen In A Glam Avatar In The Film Adipurush