Best Selling Electric Scooters In April; Ola S1, Ather 450X And More

Wheels Top 5 Best Selling Electric Scooters In April

Ola Ola S1 Led The Chart With A Significant Margin Registering 21882 Units Of The S1 And The S1 Pro Escooter Earning It The Image Credits This Was A Considerable Number Compared To Its Competitors

Image Credits Greaves Electric Ampere Ev Registered Around 8332 Units Last Month Coming In Second Place And Giving You A Better Idea Of Olas Market Share

Image Credits Ather Energy A Homegrown Electric Startup Has Registered 8182 Units Of The 450X With The Company Debuting A More Affordable Variant Of The Scooter These Numbers Are Expected To Go Up

According To Image Credits The Tvs Iqube Escooter Offering Registered 6227 Units In April And Secured The Fourth Position However With The Launch Of The Iqube St Things Are Expected To Improve Significantly

According To Image Credits Bajaj Has Done Comparatively Well Among Other Legacy Manufacturers With The Chetak Ev Despite Coming In Last Place By Registering 4044 Units

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