‘Better Call Saul’: ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin

Final Season Of The Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul Has Arrived

The Sixth And Final Season Of The Amc Television Series Better Call Saul Premiered On April 18 2022

It Has Been Two Years Since The Season 5 Finale Causing Fans To Question What Lies Ahead For The Cherished Lawyer

Bob Odenkirk Receives A Payment Of 200000 For Each Episode And Earns An Estimated Sum Of 2 Million Per Season

Bryan Cranston Who Portrayed Walter White In Breaking Bad Earned A Whopping 225000 Per Episode On The Show

Aaron Paul Who Portrayed Jesse Pinkman His Partner In Crime Earned 150000 Per Episode

Exceptional Performances An Engaging Narrative And Impressive Dialogue Have Led Critics To Hail It As The Greatest Television Series Ever Made