Billionaire Warren Buffett Lives In This Modest Omaha House

Named One Of The Most Successful Investors In The World One Might Assume That Warren Buffett Lives In The Lap Of Luxury

But In Fact The Billionaire Owns A Modest House That Is Worth 0001 Of His Total Wealth Learn More

Here Is The Complete Information About The House In Omaha Nebraska That Has Been Lived In And Loved By Buffett For Sixty Years The Full Story Is Accompanied By An Offwhite Arrow

With A Net Worth Of 1052 Billion The Worlds 10Th Wealthiest Person Continues To Live In The Same House He Bought In 1958 Well Before He Amassed His Fortune

I Wouldnt Trade It For Anything

According To Buffetts Letter To His Shareholders In 2010 The House Was The Thirdbest Investment Hes Ever Made Learn More

Spanning 6570 Square Feet The Humble Abode Features 5 Bedrooms And 25 Bathrooms

The Stucco Structure Built In 1921 Is Situated On A Corner Lot And Although It Seems To Have Undergone Some Additions They Cannot Be Compared To The Opulent Homes Of Other Billionaires Discover Further Details