Do you even use mobile in bathroom?

You Should Not Use The Phone In The Bathroom, After Knowing The Reason, You Will Also Leave This Habit Of Yours.

Many People Have The Habit Of Using The Phone While Sitting On The Toilet Seat, But Now The Time Has Come To Change This Habit Because It Causes Many Dangers.

A Few Months Ago, America'S Sanitizing Company Vioguard Claimed That 73 Percent Of People Use Mobiles In The Washroom.

Usually People Either Play Games Or Watch Reels On Mobile Phones In The Bathroom.

According To Experts, Using The Phone In The Bathroom Can Make You Sick.

Using A Phone In The Toilet Increases The Risk Of Transferring Bacteria And Viruses

Using A Mobile Phone In The Washroom Can Cause Piles.

Using The Phone In The Bathroom Can Trap Bacteria, Which Can Cause Problems Like Stomach Ache And Urinary Tract Infection.

The Germs Stuck In The Mobile Can Be Dangerous For Your Whole House.