Is Ali Wong'S House In Beef Really At 377 Bon Homme, Calabasas?

Is Ali Wongs House In

As Two Strangers Develop An Obsession For Revenge Following A Roadrage Incident In An La Parking Lot Netflixs Popular Series Beef Demonstrates A Remarkable Presentation Of Character Development Through Its Impeccable Interior Design Discover More

Amys House Design Cleverly Reflects Her Mindset As Stated By Production Designer Grace Yun Who Says Amy Has A Certain Vision For Her Life It Had To Feel Curated To Discover More Click The Link

She Proceeds To Mention That There Are No Curves In The House That Could Contribute To Creating A More Relaxing And Peaceful Atmosphere Rather Everything Is Perfectly Structured Organized And In Order In A Straight Line Discover More

As We Start To Learn How Trapped She Feels Those Gorgeous Slatted Wood Dividers Can Start To Look Like The Most Beautifully Constructed Prison Bars Learn More

If Youve Been Daydreaming About Amys House Sorry To Burst Your Bubble But Amys House At 377 Bon Homme In Calabasas Amys House At 377 Bon Homme In Calabasas Learn More

Ali Wongs House In Beef Isnt Real Nor Is It Located At The Address Given On The Show 377 Bon Homme Which Isnt A Real Address Learn More

According To Location Manager Michael Percival We Searched For A House That Had All The Necessary Elements But We Couldnt Find A Single Location That Had Everything However The Show Remains True To The Facts As There Is Indeed A Bon Homme Street In Calabasas

So Instead Of Continuing The Search The Team Took It Upon Themselves To Create Amy George And Junies Home From Scratch Learn More