Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

Steve Harvey Is A Wellknown Television Host Primarily Recognized For His Work On Family Feud The Question Of Whether He Is A Real Judge Remains Unanswered Credit Google By Us Celebrity Times

Steve Harvey Is The Judge Jury And Star Of The Abc Series Judge Steve Harvey Credit Google

Family Feud Host Steve Harvey Is Back On The Air With An Allnew Season Of His Court Show Judge Steve Harvey

The Show First Premiered In 2022 And Was An Instant Hit Among Viewers

And Now Fans Want To Know If Steve Harveys Really A Judge

Let You Know That This Is Steve Harveys Unscripted Courtroom Comedy Series Credit Google

Where He Judges Peoples Reallife Conflicts That Range From Family Disputes To Sour Friendships And Everything In Between

Now The Question Is How Steve Harvey Gives The Verdict Of Any Kind Of Disputes

He Uses His Own Reallife Experiences To Give Wisdom To The Defendants But Hes Not Actually A Judge