Katy Perry Video At King Charles Iii'S Coronation Gone Viral

Katy Perry Video At King Charles Iiis Coronation Gone Viral By Us Celebrity Times Credit Google

Hats Off To Katy Perry For Maintaining A Sense Of Humor In The Face Of Becoming Viral For An Embarrassing Royal Moment

She Looked To Be Slightly Lost Her Vision Hampered By Her Huge Purple Fascinator

The Individual Who Donned A Distinctive Lilac Vivienne Westwood Skirt Suit For The Momentous Occasion Tweeted A Few Hours After Saying Dont Worry Guys I Located My Seat Credit Google

The Video Sparked Numerous Memes One Person Retweeted The Video Stating Me Trying To Find My Mom At A Full Supermarket Credit Google

Another Person Said On Twitter Me Arriving Late To Yoga Class And Trying To Find A Spot Credit Google

Katy Lionel Richie And The British Musical Trio Take That Will Perform At The Coronation Concert On May 7 Credit Google