Scottie Pippen Disputes “The Last Dance” In “Unguarded”

Scottie Pippen A Former Chicago Bulls Player Aims To Present A Different Image Of Himself In His New Memoir Compared To His Portrayal In The Previous Years Documentary Series The Last Dance

Pippen Is Taking Measures To Ensure That He Comes Out On Top And Clears Up Any Remarks Made By His Chicago Bulls Teammate Michael Jordan

The 10Episode Series Heavily Featured Pippen In Interviews And Footage Captured By The Documentary Director

The 56Yearold Basketball Player Was Shown The Finished Product Just A Few Weeks Before Its Release And Was Disappointed With How He Was Portrayed

Pippen Is Perturbed About The Clip Showing Him On The Bench While Being Overlooked To Take The Final Shot During A Game

Michael Jordan Was Not A Part Of The Chicago Bulls During That Time But It Was Still Highlighted In The Docuseries

Pippen Observed That Every Episode Portrayed Jordan In A Positive Light While Neglecting To Give Credit To His Teammates For The Teams Championship Victories

Jordan Acknowledged Pippens Contribution To The Chicago Bulls Championship Dynasty

The Relationship Of The Duo May Be Strained And Pippen Discloses That He Did Not Earn Any Income From His Appearance In The Last Dance For More Information Please Click The Link