Swara Bhasker Fitness & Diet Plan

Swara Bhasker Fitness Regimen Diet Plan For Weight Loss By Iram Hussain 20230602 1112 Ist Englishjagrancom

Swara Bhasker Maintains A Toned Figure In The Btown Through Her Fitness Routine And Diet Plan Take A Look At The Regimen She Follows To Stay Fit And Healthy

For One Of Her Movies Swara Did Extensive Cardio Exercise To Achieve A Lean Physique Her Cardio Routine Is Followed By A Highintensity Workout

Functional Training She Also Engages In Functional Training To Enhance Her Balance Posture And Flexibility

Undertaking Kickboxing To Sweat Out Calories Is One Of The Exercises That Helps Relieve Stress

Swara Prefers Only Lowfat And Homecooked Food To Stay Healthy Indicating That She Consumes A Healthy Diet

Comfort Food

Veggies And Fruits Are A Must Swara Ensures That She Consumes Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables To Maintain Hydration And Energy Levels

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