The 10 Best Animated Movie Character

The 10 Best Animated Movie Characters

10 Maui Movies Moana 2016 Gone Fishing 2017 First Moana 2016 Voiced By Dwayne Johnson

The Inaugural Film Toy Story Made Its Debut In 1995 And Featured The Vocal Talents Of Tim Allen As Buzz Lightyear

8 Baloo Movies The Jungle Book 1967 The Jungle Book 2 2003 Debut Rudyard Kiplings 1894 Novel Voices Phil Harris John Goodman

7 Gromit Wallace Gromits Debut A Grand Day Out 1988 Followed By Their Feature Film The Curse Of The Wererabbit 2005 And Various Shorts

6 Dumbo Dumbo 1941 Debut Film Appearance

Movies Finding Nemo 2003 Finding Dory 2016 1St Appearance Nemo 2003 Voiced By Ellen Degeneres 5 Dory

Aladdin 1992 Movie

3 Chihiro Character Chihirosen Film Spirited Away 2001 Actors Rumi Hiragi Daveigh Chase