The Last Dance Causes Rift Between Scottie Pippen And Michael Jordan

Basketball The Disappointing Reality Of The Separation Of Iconic Players

There Appears To Be A Significant Disagreement Between Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen Currently

The Teammates Who Won Six Rings As Part Of The 90S Dynasty Squad Will Not Speak Again According To Knicks Legend Charles Oakley

Oakley Maintains A Strong Friendship With Jordan Even After Their Threeyear Stint As Teammates In Chicago He Also Played With Pippen For A Season

During A Podcast Discussion Oakley Revealed That Pippen Felt He Was Not Adequately Recognized For His Contribution To The Bulls Dynasty As Portrayed In The Documentary

Listen To A Podcast Hosted By Bill Simmons

Pippen Has Voiced Discontent In The Manner In Which The Story Of The Bulls Was Portrayed In The Production Of