Tom Holland'S Marvel Cinematic Universe Replacement

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Kamala Khans Ms Marvel Replaces Tom Hollands Youthful Avenger Move Over Spiderman Kamala Khan Is The New Mcu Rookie

Screen Rant Reports That Marvel Needs A New Actor To Play Peter Parker Who Has Matured After Spiderman No Way Home

Marvel Fans First Met Spiderman And Tom Holland In Captain America Civil War

Peter Parker Spent As Much Time Admiring Everyones Powers And Outfits As Fighting In Civil Wars Airport Fight Scene

Peter Parker Matured Over Three Solo Flicks And Two More Avengers Features He Was No Longer Starstruck By No Way Home Leaving A Space In The Mcu For Kamala Kahn To Fill

Spiderman Was Also An Audience Surrogate Peter Parker Embodied Moviegoers He Considers The Avengers Superhero Identities Madeup Names Because Regular People Do

Kamala Khan May Perform Better Than Peter Did Kamala Surpasses Peter Parkers Silly Delight At Seeing The Avengers

Peter Parker Idolized Iron Man Like Many Mcu Fans Did Kamala Khan However Takes Her Idol Worship To Another Level Her Room Is Adorned With Captain Marvel Images From Periodicals And Kamalas Own Drawings Credits Google