Tom Holland’S Salary Gap Sparks Controversy In ‘The Crowded Room’ Casting

Controversy Arises In The Crowded Room Casting Due To Salary Disparity In Tom Hollands Offer

According To Reports He Received A Substantial Salary That Was Twice The Total Earnings Of His Female Costars Allegedly Holland Was Paid 4 Million For His Part While Amanda Seyfried Emmy Rossum And Sasha Lane Reportedly Received 125 Million 550000 And 260000 Respectively

The Experience Of Working On The Crowded Room Had A Deep Impact On Tom Hollands Perception Of Mental Health Prompting Him To Make Personal Adjustments As The Shows Executive Producer And Lead Actor He Expressed His Desire That The Series Will Motivate Audiences To Exhibit Increased Understanding And Compassion Towards Those Coping With Mental Health Issues