Twitter'S Blue Bird Flew Away, Doge Takes Over

Tweet Becomes Woof

The Twitterverse Was Sent Into A Frenzy As Elon Musk The Selfproclaimed Dogefather Replaced The Blue Bird Logo With The Beloved Doge Meme

Its Like Elon Musk Is Living In A Memeland Where Everything Is A Joke And We Are All Just Trying To Keep Up

If Twitter Were A Gathering Elon Musk Arrived With A Massive Inflatable Doge And Completely Stole The Spotlight

Some Might Argue That Elon Musk Has Elevated The Concept Of Brand Loyalty To An Unprecedented Level By Actually Branding His Twitter Profile With Doge

Lets Be Honest We All Secretly Wish We Had The Power To Replace A Companys Logo With Our Favorite Meme

Elon Musk Is Akin To The Class Clown Who Consistently Pulls Off The Most Outrageous Stunts And We Cannot Resist Laughing Along

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