We Found John Wick'S House In A Small Village In Long Island, Ny

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Following The Highlyanticipated Premiere Of John Wick Chapter 4 Which Features Keanu Reeves Returning As The Iconic Hitman We Decided To Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane Learn More

And Travel Back In Time To The Franchises First Installment Which Not Only Introduced The Nowiconic Character But Also Our Personal Favorite Part Of The Movie Learn More

Prior To Wicks House Transforming Into A Shooting Range We Catch A Glimpse Of Its Modern Architecture And Immaculately Designed Interiors The Complete Story Of John Wicks Isolated And Contemporary House

Unfortunately Soon After That The Characters Life Is Turned Upside Down And We Dont Get To See The House Again Keep Reading

But Since It Makes Such An Impression We Were Naturally Intrigued So We Set Out To Track The House In Real Life And It Wasnt All That Hard To Find Learn More

Yes It Is And Its Almost Like It Was Customdesigned For Keanu Reeves Character Is John Wicks House A Real Home Is John Wicks House A Real Home Full Story

Its Set In Mill Neck Ny A Small Village On The North Shore Of Long Island That Has A Little Over 1000 Residents See Inside

The White Stucco House Which Dates Back To The 70S Was Constructed In 1971 And Underwent Significant Renovations In 2009 By Narofsky Architectureways2Design Please Continue Reading