Who Is Stockton Rush? The Oceangate Ceo Killed In Titanic Tourist Submarine!

Who Is Stockton Rush Ceo Doceangate Killed In Titanic Tourist Submarine Hastily Highlighted In White

Stockton Rush The Ceo And Founder Of Oceangate

He Was Killed Along With Four Others Aboard Oceangates Submersible Titan

Stockton Said At Some Point Safety Just Is Pure Waste If You Just Want To Be Safe Dont Get Out Of Bed

Early Life Stockton Rush Was Born On March 31 1962 In San Francisco California

Stockton Rush Was Married To Wendy Weil Rush

When He Was Young He Dreamed Of Becoming An Astronaut When He Turned 18 In 1980 He Obtained His License To Fly Commercial Airplanes

The Estimated Net Worth Of Stockton Rush Is 25 Million

In A 2017 Interview He Stated His Ambition To Be The First Person On Mars