Why Is Katy Perry Being Labeled A Regular Bully ?

By Us Celebrity Times

Image Source Google A Contestants Father Is Labeling Katy Perry A Judge On American Idol As A Regular Bully

Image Source Google Wé Anis Father Has Criticized Judge Katy Perry For Making Snarky Comments About His Daughter On The Show

Image Source Google He Referred To Katy Perry As A

Image Source Google

Katy Perry Has Faced Allegations Of Being Impolite And Unprofessional In The Past Due To Her Behavior On The Show Therefore This Is Not The First Time She Has Been Criticized For It

According To The Image Source From Google Katy Perry Believes That Her Time As A Judge On American Idol Was Misinterpreted By The Producers And Portrayed Her As Being A

According To The Image Source On Google Katy Perry Has Been Embroiled In Several Controversies This Season Including