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Where to Start the Manga After Season 1

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Insomniacs After School captivated viewers in April of this year with its unique and endearing romance centered around the niche hobby of astrophotography. Even those unfamiliar with the hobby can appreciate the anime for its other strengths.

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The final episode of Insomniacs After School aired in July, concluding the season. However, fans are curious about the relationship between Magari and Ganta. Fortunately, even if the anime isn’t renewed for another season, you can continue the story by reading the manga.

Insomniacs After School Ending

Ganta confesses to Isaki at Mawaki Site

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Insomniacs After School brought its charm to the forefront in April of this year, wowing the audience with its particular brand of cute romance and that feeling of longing. The subject matter of the anime is a bit on the niche side, astrophotography, but even someone not familiar with the basics of the hobby can appreciate the anime for its many other pros.

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With the final episode’s release in July, the anime seems to have run its course for the season, but fans are curious about the particulars of Magari and Ganta’s relationship. The good news is that you can continue reading the manga even if the anime doesn’t get renewed for a new season.

Insomniacs After School Ending

Ganta confesses to Isaki at Mawaki Site

The anime explores the root causes of Ganta’s and Magari’s insomnia throughout its runtime. It takes a delicate approach to the subject and slowly peels away the layers of anxiety and trauma that cause both students to have such a hard time sleeping. As the show progresses, the two warm up more and more to one another, forming a bond that’s just too cute.

In the last couple of episodes, the two teenagers, alongside the elder Magari sister, go on a summer camp where Ganta visits various sites to do some astrophotography. After Isaki’s sister leaves the two alone, their friends also come to visit them and bring them extra supplies so they can stay as long as they need to.

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However, when Isaki’s parents realize that the two love birds are living together without a chaperone, they understandably freak out a little bit and tell Isaki that they’re coming to pick her up. Seeing Isaki’s distress on not being able to visit the last site and help take the final picture, Ganta decides to ‘kidnap’ her and go to Mawaki’s site, leaving the parents out of the loop.

Under the star-lit sky, in the ruins of a six thousand-year-old civilization, Ganta finally confesses his feelings to Isaki and gets a positive response from his now-girlfriend. In the epilogue afterward, school is about to begin again after the summer vacations, and Isaki is grounded because of her reckless behavior. However, both Ganta and Magari feel better than ever and start to overcome their anxiety about the coming mornings because of their feelings toward one another.

Where Does The Mange Continue From?

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The final episode of the anime adapts the manga chapters 55-57. However, it leaves some bits and pieces out and creates somewhat of an anime original ending. The wide strokes of the ending are the same, but some of the details are a little bit different.

Isaki’s health seems to be a bit more compromised in the manga, prompting fans to question whether she will die at the end. The parent’s reaction to the whole debacle is also shown in a bit more detail in the manga, giving their perspective on the ‘kidnapping’ as well. So, in short, you should read the manga from chapter 55 and expect a few small changes to the details here and there.

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