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By Jitin Gambhir

Whitney Port slams ‘harsh’ comments about her weight after bikini pics

Whitney Port is fed up with the negative comments about her body. After expressing her husband’s concerns about her being underweight, the former reality star took to Instagram to address the hurtful remarks made by trolls about her appearance in a bathing suit. She acknowledged the concern for her health but reminded people to refrain from making snarky comments about someone’s weight, as her husband would not hesitate to defend her. Port emphasized that she is open to constructive criticism but urged people to be mindful of the harshness, unfounded claims, and mean-spiritedness of their words.

Port also responded to accusations of posting “body checks” while on a family vacation in Cabo. She clarified that she had no knowledge of what that term meant until it was mentioned in the comments on one of her posts. She explained that she was simply enjoying a beach vacation, wearing a bathing suit, and warned her followers that some pictures and videos might show her body. Port acknowledged that she is a busy mom who needs to prioritize self-care and assured her followers that she is working on it. She believed that the concerns about her health had been blown out of proportion.

In a recent podcast episode, Port admitted to struggling with disordered eating habits but has not yet fully acknowledged having an eating disorder. She recognized that her “lazy” and “picky” eating habits were not healthy and that she was not providing her body with the necessary nutrients. Since then, she has been documenting her meals on social media, including trips to Baskin-Robbins and plates of fruit. Port’s partner had expressed concern about her weight, and she has been seen carrying smoothies and lunch to a friend’s place in recent weeks. She addressed past headlines about her eating habits, referring to them as “salacious” and admitting that she may have had some control issues over her appearance.

Overall, Port wants to remind people to be kind and considerate when discussing someone’s weight and appearance. She appreciates genuine concern but asks for respect and understanding in delivering feedback.

Whitney Port has had it with the “harsh” comments about her body.

Nearly one month after the “Hills” alum shared husband Tim Rosenman’s concerns that she is underweight, Port hit back at Instagram trolls’ hateful digs about her bathing suit bod.

“I, of course, appreciate any concern over my health but just a friendly reminder to hold yourself back from making snarky comments about someone’s weight, cause Timmy will come for you!” the former reality star, 38, wrote on her Story Sunday.

After clarifying that she was “just kidding,” Port continued, “But for real, I’m super down with constructive criticism, but be careful how harsh, unfounded or mean-spirited your words can be.”

Whitney Port
Whitney Port hit back at “snarky” comments about her weight.

Whitney Port
The “Hills” alum joked that her husband, Tim Rosenman, will “come for” haters.

Whitney Port
She clapped back at claims she has been posting “body checks” on vacation with her family.

Whitney Port
She has been on a bikini spree while in Cabo.

The “City” alum also denied posting bikini photos while on a Cabo family trip as “body checks.”

She wrote, “I didn’t even know what that meant until someone wrote it on one of my posts! … I’m on a beach vacation. In a bathing suit. Warning: some pictures and videos might show my body.”


Port noted that she’s a “busy mom who needs to take better care of” herself and is “on it,” calling her followers’ concerns about her health “blown a bit out of proportion.”

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman
The fashion designer’s partner expressed concern about her weight last month.

Similarly, the “With Whit” host told her podcast listeners earlier this month that she has “yet to admit” to having an eating disorder.

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“I think, though, that it is a type of disordered eating,” she said of her “lazy” and “picky” habits. “That’s not OK, that’s not healthy. I’m obviously not giving my body the nutrients it needs.”

The fashion designer has been documenting her meals on social media ever since, from Baskin-Robbins runs to fruit plates.

Whitney Port
Port has since called her followers’ reaction “blown a bit out of proportion.”

She has also been photographed in recent weeks bringing home an Urth Caffé smoothie and carrying lunch to a friend’s place.

The “Hills: New Beginnings” alum previously sparked concern when she admitted to never trying pasta and once eating 1,000 calories a day.

Port called those past headlines “salacious” on her podcast on Aug. 1, saying she used to “maybe [be on] a slippery slope of some control issues over” her looks.

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