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By Nikita Gambhir

Who Is Spymaster, Sonya Falsworth’s Touted Alias?

Caution: The following article contains significant plot details for the Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series, Secret Invasion. The show focuses on the impending invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, which has been in the works for an extended period. The series brings back familiar characters such as Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Talos, while also introducing new additions. One of these new characters is Sonya Falsworth, portrayed by Olivia Colman, who is connected to a Marvel Comics villain. Here is everything you need to know about Sonya Falsworth and her connection to Spymaster.

Sonya Falsworth is introduced in the first episode of Secret Invasion, titled “Resurrection.” She is a ruthless M16 agent who captures Nick Fury in Moscow. It is evident that Sonya and Fury have a history together, as they engage in banter and share an understanding. During their encounter, Fury discreetly plants a small camera on one of Sonya’s owl statues, indicating that she is hiding secrets. They discuss a heist in Kazakhstan, which may be linked to The Ten Rings organization and Shang-Chi’s sister. Sonya also wears a pin resembling golden rings, hinting at a possible connection.

Falsworth’s role is to protect the United Kingdom covertly, operating in the shadows rather than alongside the flashy Avengers. However, her intentions in Secret Invasion’s premiere episode seem questionable, and Fury does not trust her. There is also the possibility that Sonya is a disguised Skrull, and her high-ranking position in M16 would be advantageous to the Skrull invasion. As the first episode teaches us, trust is a scarce commodity.

Moving on to the character of Spymaster, Sonya Falsworth’s impact on the MCU might be more significant than fans realize. In addition to the connection with The Ten Rings, there is a potential link to Iron Man and the upcoming Armor Wars film. Spymaster first appeared in Iron Man #33 in 1971 as the leader of the Espionage Elite, whose mission was to infiltrate Stark Industries. Created by Allyn Brodsky and Don Heck, Spymaster has been portrayed by various individuals. After disbanding the Espionage Elite and faking his death, Spymaster returns to steal Iron Man’s tech with a group of super-villains. This storyline could align with the Thunderbolts movie.

Could Sonya Falsworth and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine be collaborating? This possibility is worth exploring. Spymaster is Tony Stark’s arch-nemesis in Marvel Comics, and his introduction in the MCU makes sense, especially with the setup of Armor Wars in Secret Invasion. In the comic book plot, Stark’s technology is stolen and scattered worldwide, orchestrated by Spymaster. Sonya Falsworth’s suspicions in the first episode and her red dress could be a subtle nod to Spymaster’s color scheme.

Furthermore, Sonya Falsworth has a connection to the Howling Commandos. It is likely that she is related to James Montgomery Falsworth, who appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. James was an officer in World War II and joined Captain America’s special unit, the Howling Commandos, to combat HYDRA. In Marvel Comics, James operated under the alias Union Jack, representing the strength of the United Kingdom during World War I. It seems fitting for Sonya to be James’ descendant, as she protects Great Britain as an M16 agent without the flamboyant costume. However, it remains to be seen if she has been a corrupt agent all along.

In summary, Secret Invasion introduces Sonya Falsworth as a complex character with connections to Spymaster, The Ten Rings, and the Howling Commandos. Her role in the series raises intriguing questions about her true intentions and loyalties. As the show progresses, viewers will undoubtedly discover the depths of her involvement and the impact she could have on the MCU.

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios’ latest Disney Plus series, Secret Invasion, is focusing on an imminent Skrull invasion of Earth that’s been in the works for years, if not decades. Returning a number of familiar characters in Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the spy thriller has also introduced a host of new additions.


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Joining new Skrull villain Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adhir) and the reintroduction of Talos’ daughter, G’iah (Emilia Clarke), is Sonya Falsworth, played by The Crown star Olivia Colman, and she’s been connected to a Marvel Comics villain who’s flown under the radar. Here’s everything you need to know about Sonya Falsworth and Spymaster.

Introducing Sonya Falsworth

Sonya Falsworth holding an injection with a red coat and gold pin in Secret Invasion

Within the first episode of Secret Invasion, titled ResurrectionSonya Falsworth is introduced after a few of her men capture Nick Fury while he’s out walking in Moscow to bring him back to her hideout.

We know that Sonya is a ruthless M16 agent, and she and Fury have a history together and an understanding of each other based on the banter between them. While Sonya is pouring him a drink, Fury takes the opportunity to plant a small camera on one of her owl statues–clearly pointing out that she’s keeping secrets.

The pair discuss a heist at a black market storage facility in Kazakhstan, which may have a connection to The Ten Rings organization, now run by Xu Xialing in the aforementioned country. Sonya also wears a pin that resembles golden rings, which may be a stretch, but it could also suggest that she is working with Shang-Chi’s sister.

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Falsworth is responsible for protecting the United Kingdom from behind closed doors and very much operates in the shadows as opposed to the flashy Avengers. However, her intentions appear to be flawed within Secret Invasion’s premiere, and she clearly does not have Fury’s trust.

There’s also the very real possibility that Sonya is a Skrull in disguise, and the agent’s position as a higher-up M16 agent would be a great advantage to the Skrull invasion because if episode 1 has taught us anything, it’s who can we trust?

Who Is Marvel’s Spymaster?

Tony Stark wearing a shirt and punching Spymaster in a red jumpsuit in Secret Invasion

First discussed by the YouTube channel New RockstarsSonya Falsworth’s impact on the MCU could be much larger than fans think, not just with The Ten Rings connection, but with a possible link to Iron Man and the upcoming Armor Wars film starring Rhodey (Don Cheadle) through an espionage leader.

Spymaster first appeared in Iron Man #33 back in 1971 and was introduced as the leader of the Espionage Elite, whose main mission was to infiltrate Stark Industries. Created by Allyn Brodsky and Don Heck, the Spymaster mantle has been helmed by many variants, including Ted Calloway, Nathan Lemon, and Sinclair Abbott.

After the Espionage Elite disbanded and his ally, Mark Sharen, was killed, Spymaster allowed the world to believe he had died, only to return later to set up a band of super-villains to steal Iron Man’s tech once again–not a bad plot for the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. Could Sonya Falsworth and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine be working together?

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In a nutshell, Spymaster is the number one nemesis of Tony Stark in Marvel Comics, and just because Tony perished in the MCU’s Avengers: Endgame doesn’t mean his greatest foe can’t have a silver-screen debut. In fact, it would make perfect sense for Spymaster to be introduced right now since Secret Invasion is designed to tee up the Armor Wars feature.

Armor Wars will likely follow the comic book plot where Tony Stark’s technology is stolen and scattered across the globe–and it’s actually Spymaster’s doing that puts this story into existence. Falsworth has certainly made herself suspicious in episode 1 of Secret Invasion, and while we don’t expect Olivia Colman to be donning a jumpsuit and mask anytime suit, her character’s red dress could be another nod to Spymaster’s color palette.

Sonya Falsworth’s Connection To The Howling Commandos

Captain America The First Avenger and the Howling Commandos

Even before the Secret Invasion show debuted, we knew that Sonya Falsworth was likely connected to James Montgomery Falsworthwho first debuted in Captain America: The First Avenger.

James was an officer of the 3rd Independent Parachute Brigade serving in World War II and later joined Captain America’s special unit of soldiers, the Howling Commandos, in order to overthrow HYDRA. We know that his unit was initially captured by the Germans, and he was later sent to work in HYDRA’s weapons facility. Cap then freed his unit, and the soldiers marched back to Italy in order to regroup. The Howling Commandos were then established, joined by Dum Dum Dugan and Bucky Barnes, and they made an assault on Red Skull.

In Marvel Comics, however, James worked under the alias of Union Jackdressed in a costume decorated with the British flag and a determination to represent the brute strength of the nation during World War 1. Similar to how Captain America represents the force of the United States, Union Jack did the same for the United Kingdom.

Therefore, having Sonya Falsworth be a descendant of James is quite fitting since she is also protecting Great Britain from behind the M16 curtain without the garish costume, even though it may turn out that she’s been a crooked agent all along.

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