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By Jitin Gambhir

Who Is The Bachelorette’s Spencer Storbeck? The “Awkward” Suitor’s Real Life

Season 20 of The Bachelorette introduced a group of new suitors who are vying for the heart of Charity Lawson, including the somewhat awkward Spencer Storbeck. As anticipation built to see who would make the best first impression on Charity, there was equal excitement to find out who would make the worst one. While Charity was thrilled about her journey, she knew from the start that not every man would be her type. However, she decided to give each suitor a chance to gather as much information as possible before making any decisions.

Among the suitors, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Spencer, but not necessarily the positive kind. Charity’s encounter with Spencer was uncomfortable, as it became evident that he struggles with social anxiety. This interaction left a lasting impression on viewers, making Spencer one of the most memorable contestants of the evening. Despite the uncomfortable nature of their meeting, Spencer definitely left his mark on Charity and Bachelor Nation.

In an attempt to make a better second impression, Spencer took some time alone with Charity to chat and shared a bit about himself. It was during this conversation that he revealed he has a young son. Charity was understanding and expressed her willingness to meet his son if their connection continued to grow. While not much is known about Spencer’s past or his son, his vulnerability in opening up about his family was a significant moment for the awkward contestant.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Spencer currently holds the position of Sales Director of the Sleep Division at Panthera Dental, a company that specializes in dental prosthetics, implantology, and sleep breathing disorder solutions. While his LinkedIn description lacks specific details about his job, it is clear that Spencer has a strong background in sales and a deep understanding of the sleep science market.

During his initial meeting with Charity, Spencer struggled to articulate his thoughts and made an unsuccessful attempt at humor. Although Charity reassured him of her interest, the interaction was uncomfortable. The pressure to make a great first impression and the unfamiliarity of being on reality TV may have contributed to his discomfort. It is possible that Spencer’s true personality may differ from what was seen on The Bachelorette season 20, especially considering his lack of mention regarding his own unease on camera.

Sources: Spencer Storbeck/LinkedIn, Spencer Storbeck/Instagram

The Bachelorette season 20 introduced several new suitors who are trying to win Charity Lawson’s heart, including the awkward Spencer Storbeck. With an all-new group of men set to meet Charity and win her love, anticipation over seeing who would make the best first impression was almost as high as the excitement over finding out who would make the worst one. Charity was excited about her journey, but understood from the start that some men wouldn’t be her type. She chose to give every man a chance, ensuring that she had as much information as possible, so she could make an informed decision surrounding the first elimination.


While viewers are abuzz about many of the guys who are vying for Charity’s affection, the hype surrounding Spencer isn’t the kind that’s looked forward to. As Charity met with each of her suitors, things were uncomfortable with Spencer, who clearly lives with social anxiety. Their encounter rubbed some viewers the wrong way, leaving Spencer as one of the most memorable interactions of the evening. While the reasoning behind his memorability isn’t the most pleasant, Spencer definitely made an impression on Charity and Bachelor Nation. With his bizarre interactions with Charity still on viewers’ minds, many have wondered what else there is to know about Spencer.

Spencer Storbeck Has A Young Son

Spencer Storbeck Charity Lawson The Bachelorette Season 20

Spencer spoke to Charity after their initial meeting, hoping to make a better second impression. He took a moment alone with Charity to chat, and shared a bit about himself to the new Bachelorette. While sharing more about his career and life with Charity, he let her know that he has a young son. Charity was gracious, explaining that if their relationship continued and their connection grew, she would be happy to meet his son one day. Though little is known about Spencer’s past, including his son, the fact that he mentioned it to Charity was a nice moment of vulnerability for the awkward contestant.

Spencer Is A Regional Director Of A Huge Corporation

According to Spencer‘s LinkedIn, he currently works as the Sales Director of the Sleep Division at Panthera Dental. According to his description, Spencer’s company “designs, manufactures, and markets dental prosthetics, implantology, and sleep breathing disorder solutions using a cutting-edge CAD/CAM process and superior quality material.” The exact specifics of Spencer’s job functionality isn’t touched on within his LinkedIn description, but he does seem to have come from a successful background in sales. Spencer has worked for huge corporations in the past, and seems to understand the sleep science market well.

Spencer Storbeck Was Uncomfortable On Camera

Spencer Storbeck The Bachelorette Season 20 wearing pink shirt

During his first meeting with Charity in front of the Bachelor mansion, Spencer had trouble articulating his thoughts. He tried to open with a joke that went awry. Though Charity reassured him that she was excited to get to know him, the interaction was uncomfortable. It’s possible that the high pressure surrounding making an incredible first impression made Spencer nervous, and the added stress of dealing with reality TV cameras for the first time made things worse. Spencer didn’t mention his own discomfort on camera, but if he was feeling anxious, he could’ve come across much different on The Bachelorette season 20 than he is in his real life.

Sources: Spencer Storbeck/LinkedIn, Spencer Storbeck/Instagram

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