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By Jitin Gambhir

Why Ektaa Kapoor’s Historic Emmy Win Is More Special For Women in Indian Cinema

Ekta Kapoor

Renowned for delivering numerous blockbuster hits across television, OTT platforms, and the box office, Ektaa Kapoor is a creative powerhouse who possesses a deep understanding of product creation and audience engagement. Her exceptional work and resounding success recently earned her the prestigious Emmy Award.

Ektaa Kapoor’s contribution to the world of entertainment, encompassing television shows, films, and OTT content, has left an indelible mark that is unparalleled by any other female figure in the industry. Hence, her Emmy win carries even greater significance, as it is rare to witness off-camera women receiving such global recognition, barring technical or departmental achievements.

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What Ektaa Kapoor has achieved goes beyond mere accolades; it serves as a testament to the profound impact of her work. Through her TV shows, she has not only created captivating content but also forged enduring memories for audiences. She has fearlessly tackled taboo subjects, making them commercially appealing, and showcased bold content on OTT platforms with unwavering conviction.

Among the recipients of this year’s Emmy Award is Vir Das, but Ektaa’s win stands out due to her position as a woman in an industry that has long been dominated by men. While some actresses have found recognition through their work, few have managed to sustain their success for nearly three decades without being in front of the camera. The Emmy Award is more than just a trophy; it symbolizes the global acknowledgement of Ektaa Kapoor’s creativity, vision, and ability to connect with viewers.

Ekta Kapoor

Ektaa Kapoor is known for delivering many super hits on the TV, OTT, and box office. She is known as a creative force who knows what to do with the product and how to present it to the audience. Looking at her work and success, she was awarded the prestigious Emmy Award recently.

Her contribution to the world of entertainment, spanning TV shows, films, and OTT content, has left a mark that is very difficult to match for any other woman in the industry. That’s why her Emmy win is more special because we don’t see many off-camera women getting such honour on the global stage, except for technical or departmental things.


1701078346 674 Why Ektaa Kapoors Historic Emmy Win Is More Special For

What she has garnered is more than a mere accolade; it’s a testament to the impact of her work. Ektaa R. Kapoor has not just created content; she has created memories for audiences with TV shows, made taboo subjects commercially appealing, and sold bold content with conviction on OTT.

Among many, Vir Das is also a name that took home the Emmy Award this year. But Ektaa’s win stands out since she is a woman and our industry has always been dominated by men. Yes, some actresses have found their worth with their work, but hardly did anyone manage to do it for almost 3 decades without facing a camera. The Emmy is not just a trophy; it symbolises the global recognition of her creativity, vision, and ability to connect with viewers.

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