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Why my relationship with Luke Gulbranson ended

Ashley Darby reflected on her short-lived romance with Luke Gulbranson and discussed why it came to an end. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star shared her thoughts during a live taping of “Virtual Reali-Tea” at Chelsea Table & Stage in New York City. She explained that they simply grew apart over time. Ashley also mentioned that her situation was complicated due to her previous relationship with her estranged husband, Michael Darby. Although Luke stood by her side through it all, there was a final straw that they decided to keep private. Ashley respected their decision and acknowledged that Luke is now allegedly in a new relationship, according to rumors.

Ashley Darby provided some insight into the end of her relationship with Luke Gulbranson. The former pageant queen separated from her estranged husband, Michael Darby, in April 2022. They have two sons together, Dean (4) and Dylan (2). Six months later, Andy Cohen introduced Ashley to Luke during an episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” The pair flirted with each other at BravoCon in October 2022 and made their relationship Instagram-official in December of the same year. Despite Michael not being thrilled about their relationship, Ashley mentioned that Luke stood by her through many challenges.

However, Ashley revealed on “Virtual Reali-Tea” that she and Luke had decided to end their relationship. She attributed the breakup to the complications in her life, particularly the co-parenting and separation issues with Michael. Ashley emphasized that it wasn’t about Luke personally, but her situation with Michael affected their relationship. She expressed gratitude for Luke’s support but acknowledged that their connection wasn’t meant to last.

In January, Ashley made headlines when she admitted to falling in love with the “Winter House” star during their time together. The news of their relationship gained attention in late 2022. By January, Ashley was single again.

During the live taping, Ashley also shared her perspective on Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s broken engagement. She found it hard to believe their split, as she had witnessed firsthand how in love they seemed. Ashley speculated that something significant must have occurred for their relationship to end.

Ashley Darby looked back on her and Luke Gulbranson’s short-lived romance, revealing why it came to an end.

“Really we just sort of grew apart,” the “Real Housewives of Potomac” star told TheFantasyTimes’s Evan Real and Danny Murphy during the “Virtual Reali-Tea” live taping at Chelsea Table & Stage in New York City on Thursday.

“My situation is complicated. My stuff with my previous partner has gotten better but at that time, [it] was really bad,” Darby, 35, added, referencing estranged husband Michael Darby. “He stuck out through a lot of it.

“I commend him,” she continued, “but there was a final straw that we decided to keep between us. And I respect that.”

She noted that Gulbranson is now “allegedly … in a relationship, according to the blogs.”


Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbranson
Ashley Darby gave a glimpse into the end of her and Luke Gulbranson’s romance.

The former pageant queen, 35, separated from estranged husband Michael Darby in April 2022, with whom she shares sons Dean, 4, and Dylan, 2.

Six months later, Andy Cohen offered to set Ashley up with the “Summer House” star during “Watch What Happens Live” — and the duo got flirty at BravoCon in October 2022.

She and the 39-year-old were Instagram-official by December of that same year despite Michael, 64, not being “too fond” of the relationship.

Ashley Darby
She said during a “Virtual Reali-tea” live taping that her situation with estranged husband Michael Darby was too “complicated.”
Dave Allocca / StarPix

Ashley Darby and Venita Aspen
“[Gulbranson] stuck out through a lot of it,” the “Real Housewives of Potomac” star recalled.
Dave Allocca / StarPix

Ashley Darby
She alleged that the “Summer House” star is now dating someone else.
Dave Allocca / StarPix

However, Ashley told “WWHL” viewers in January that she and Gulbranson had called it quits, blaming her “very complicated” life for the breakup.

“It’s not really about Luke, but [Michael and I] just have a hard time period with co-parenting and with separating,” she explained. “It’s my situation with Michael that affected Luke and I, and like I said, he was a trooper but ultimately it’s just not there.”

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She made headlines the following month for admitting she had fallen “in love” with the “Winter House” star during their time together.

Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbranson
The former couple’s connection made headlines in late 2022.

Ashley Darby
Ashley was single by January.
Heidi Gutman/BRAVO via Getty Images

Ashley didn’t just speak about her own love life on Thursday, also giving podcast listeners insight into Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s broken engagement.

“They were in love up until like last week or something,” the yoga instructor said of finding it hard to “believe” their split.

“Having been around them, I realized firsthand how smitten he was with her. It was real,” she added, predicting that “something really paramount must have happened.”

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