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By Jitin Gambhir

Why Spider-Man Would Be the Perfect Addition to Deadpool 3

Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Wolverine are three iconic superheroes from the comic book world that would make for a perfect team-up movie. While many may not know, these characters have a rich history and deep connections that have been built over the years through individual friendships and comic book lore. Unlike other superheroes with shared storylines, these three individuals do not have a tied-in history but have been connected in smaller ways through side stories and friendships. Only big comic book fans are aware of these connections.

While Deadpool and Wolverine have a well-known rivalry due to their comparable powers, their relationship is more of a friendly competition. Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking commentary and anti-hero persona make him an outsider in the Marvel universe, and he is more likely to have nemeses than friends. His creation was somewhat tied to Spider-Man, and many fans have pointed out the similarity in their costumes.

Spider-Man and Wolverine have one of the most unlikely friendships in the Marvel universe. Wolverine is known for being a closed-off individual who only works with others when necessary, but he has grown fond of Spider-Man. The two have shared some heartwarming moments, such as Wolverine inviting Spider-Man to spend his birthday with him. Spider-Man is also great friends with Deadpool, and the two have shared adventures in an alternate future and gifted each other matching Bad Boys Christmas sweaters.

While these characters do not have much of a history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, future possibilities are endless. Spider-Man is a Sony property, but not entirely separated from the Marvel story, similar to Deadpool and Wolverine. Deadpool 3 will be the first time Wolverine and Deadpool will technically exist in the MCU, and depending on how the movie works within Marvel’s multiverse saga, it will determine their future. It is also uncertain how often we will see Spider-Man in the MCU, depending on how tightly Sony wants to hold the purse strings. However, one thing is for sure, the friendship and humor shared between these characters would make for a charming corner of the Marvel universe to come to life.

Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Wolverine are three comic book superheroes perfect for a lesser-known team-up movie. Few people know that these three heroes have a deeply connected history throughout their comics, and to bring them together in a film would be a surprise celebration of the friendship of these characters through their comic book history.

Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Wolverine are all tied together, not necessarily through their adventures, but through a tradition of individual friendships and comic book lore. It isn’t like Captain America teaming up with the Falcon or Black Widow and Hawkeye having a shared storyline. These are three independently created characters that don’t have a tied in history. They all exist independently but have been connected over the years in smaller ways. Those ways have built up into one-off side stories and friendships that only big comic book fans will be aware of.

Deadpool 3 is already set to bring Wolverine into Deadpool’s story, but few realize how connected Spider-Man is to this friendship. Spider-Man is also in a unique position as a Sony property to be isolated from Marvel but not entirely separated from the story. Much in the same way that Deadpool’s story has been told or Wolverine has remained detached over the years. The future of these characters could be rich with possibility.


They’re All Connected in Little Ways

Deadpool & Spider-Man Slam Batman v Superman in New Marvel Comic cropped
Marvel Comics

Deadpool is a character that largely stays on the fringe of the Marvel universe. His snide fourth-wall-breaking commentary is best heard from the edges of the main story. It’s because of his lack of involvement and anti-hero persona that he’s typically looked at as an aggressor. That’s part of the reason he more often has nemeses instead of friends.

The Deadpool/Wolverine rivalry has been going on since Deadpool was created. But it exists because they essentially have the same powers. Their healing factors are considered the best in the Marvel universe, so comic fans always pit them against each other for fun.

They’re often set up in a “who would win” scenario, and Deadpool embraces the competition by continually forming one-sided comparisons between him and Wolverine as if they were always in competition with each other. It’s a characteristic left over from Deadpool’s early days when Wolverine was the primary X-Men character to whom Deadpool was attached. When Deadpool became a fourth-wall-breaking comedian, he kept referencing Wolverine to refer back to his own history.

Deadpool’s creation was also somewhat tied to Spider-Man. Many comic book fans constantly point out how similar their costumes are, and indeed Deadpool’s costume was initially based on a simplified version of Spider-Man’s outfit. It’s often a point of contention in the comics when even other characters in-universe point out that Deadpool looks like Spider-Man.

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They Have Always Been Friends

Deadpool & Wolverine MCU Team-Up Is Inevitable Says Rob Liefeld
Marvel Comics

Spider-Man and Wolverine are known for being one of Marvel Comics’ most unlikely friendships. Wolverine is, by nature, a closed-off person who only works with others when he is forced to, but over the years, he’s grown a soft spot for Spider-Man.

Once Wolverine invited Spider-Man out with him under the guise of needing his help to catch a criminal. Wolverine proceeds to get drunk and eventually gets in a bar fight that Spidey helps him out of. At the end of the night, Wolverine reveals to Spider-Man that there never was any criminal and he was just looking for someone to spend his birthday with. A sad moment, to say the least, but one that shows Wolverine willingly letting his guard down for one specific person.

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Spider-Man is also great friends with Deadpool. While it wasn’t always the case, the two have crossed paths more than once over the years. The two shared a short comic book run in which they adventured together in an alternate future and fought several Life Model Decoys. They once gifted each other matching Bad Boys Christmas sweaters that show Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s characters wearing Deadpool and Spider-Man masks.

Getting all three of these characters together would be a comic lover’s dream. In the years of the MCU, these characters don’t have much of a history. Spider-Man still belongs to Sony, and Deadpool 3 will be the first time that Wolverine and Deadpool will technically have existed in the MCU. Depending on how Deadpool 3 works within Marvel’s multiverse saga will determine the future of these characters. And depending on how tight Sony wants to hold the purse strings on Spider-Man will determine how often we see him in the MCU.

All we know for certain is that Deadpool will have his MCU debut with his third movie, and Hugh Jackman will probably end his time as Wolverine with the same film. And if anything is possible going forward, these heartwarming and hilarious friendships are a wonderful opportunity to bring a charming corner of the Marvel universe to life.

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