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Why This One Marvel Movie Is Essential to Better Understand the Series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is renowned for its interconnectivity, which makes it crucial to revisit previous films and series before diving into upcoming releases. Secret Invasion is the highly anticipated six-episode Disney+ series, marking Nick Fury’s triumphant comeback. The series is created by Kyle Bradstreet, featuring both old and new cast members such as Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke, Cobie Smulders, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn, Martin Freeman, and Don Cheadle. This time around, Fury has to battle the invasion alone, with the themes of mistrust and deception being heavily emphasized. Viewers will be left questioning every character’s motives as the Skrulls, who can shape-shift into anyone, infiltrate Earth in secret.

Captain Marvel is a crucial film to watch before Secret Invasion as it provides insight into the Skrulls’ history and their relationship with Nick Fury. The Skrulls used to reside on their planet, Skrullos, until they were destroyed in a war with the Kree Empire, who aimed to dominate the universe. The Skrulls were just trying to find a new home for themselves, but their reputation was tarnished by the Kree, who portrayed them as villains. Carol Danvers, previously known as Vers, initially sided with the Kree until she learned about their evil intentions. The Skrulls were shown in a positive light as refugees in the film, but Secret Invasion may reveal a darker side to their intentions.

The Skrulls’ connection with Nick Fury is complex, with the two parties initially joining forces to defeat their enemies. However, Fury failed to keep his promise of finding the Skrulls a new home, leading to resentment and anger. Secret Invasion will explore the Skrulls’ motives in greater detail, with Kingsley Ben-Adir’s character, Gravik, being hinted as the Super Skrull and leader of the faction with dangerous intentions for Earth and Fury. As the series trailer suggests, viewers cannot trust any character, with some being replaced by Skrulls in disguise.

In conclusion, revisiting Captain Marvel before watching Secret Invasion is essential to fully understand the Skrulls’ history and their relationship with Nick Fury. The series promises to be a thrilling ride, with the Skrulls’ intentions being shrouded in mystery and mistrust. Viewers cannot trust any character, and the series is bound to leave audiences questioning everything they thought they knew about the MCU.

Marvel movies are connected in some way or another, which makes it essential to re-watch them before any new series or film releases. Secret Invasion is the upcoming MCU Disney+ series that will mark the epic return of Nick Fury. Created by Kyle Bradstreet, the series is a six-episode event, bringing back familiar faces along with new ones. The main cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke, Cobie Smulders, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn, Martin Freeman, and Don Cheadle. The invasion is coming, and without the Avengers this time, Fury has to deal with it all alone. Even though his allies will be there to aid him, the series’ theme of “no one can be trusted” will make the viewers doubt every character.

As innocent as they might seem, Skrulls can shape-shift into anyone and have the ability to infiltrate the earth secretly. In the MCU, the Skrulls’ were first introduced in Captain Marvel. They played a vital role in the film, along with the Kree-Skrull war explained properly. The 2019 movie will give viewers an insight into what the Skrulls’ went through, their origins, and Nick Fury’s vow to them. Thus, Captain Marvel is a must-watch movie before heading to your screens to watch the Disney+ series — and here’s why.

Introducing the Skrulls

The Skrulls


According to Captain Marvelthe Skrulls used to live in their homeland, called Skrullos, until a war against the Kree destroyed it completely. The Kree are a powerful force that would bring races in the universe to their knees if they defied to surrender to their ideologies. Their arrogance, cruelty, and dangerous technologies had led to many genocidal wars, which even the Skrulls’ planet faced, leaving them all homeless. Due to memory loss, Carol Danvers, previously known as Vers, was loyal to the Kree until she learned about their wicked schemes.

Speaking of the Skrulls, they were just victims of a war started by the Kree Empire. Their motive was just to find a new homeland for themselves. Mar-Vell, also known as Wendy Lawson on Earth, was aware that her race (Kree) didn’t treat the Skrulls fairly, but rather created havoc for them. She made sure to give them a temporary home at her laboratory, away from the Kree’s reach, at the request of the Skrull leader Talos. Additionally, Carol Danvers also locates her dead friend’s laboratory, where she safeguards the Skrulls and conquers Yon-Rogg, who has been the villain all along.

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Even though innocent, the power of Skrulls was well portrayed in the film, showing how they can just disguise as anyone to achieve what they want, like the way they disguised as Nick Fury’s boss Keller, commanding him to keep an eye on Carol Danvers. But after quite some time, Fury learns the truth about Talos’ imposter behavior, which shows how their power enables them to smoothly replace people and infiltrate. Even though they didn’t want to harm anybody in Captain Marvelin Secret Invasionit might be quite the opposite.

Were Skrulls Good or Bad?

Secret Invasion's Skrulls
Marvel Studios

Initially, the Skrulls are framed as potential villains by the Kree in Captain Marvelbut in reality, they weren’t the bad ones. They were portrayed as a peaceful race who just wanted a place to stay after the destruction of their homeland. That’s the reason Carol Danvers and Nick Fury promised to find a new place for them to live in harmony. Marvel Studios did take a bit of a shift from the comics by showing the Skrulls as refugees and innocents. Otherwise, they were considered a villainous race in the comics.

The Skrulls even developed a good bond with Nick Fury and worked with him, as shown in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The MCU has just given a bit of an introduction about them, and that, too, was in a positive light, so it doesn’t justify whether they are actually good because you never know what they can turn out to be, keeping in mind their comics’ evil personas. Some Skrulls might actually be innocent, but a faction of them are rebels filled with anger and evil motives, ready to destroy the human race.

The Skrulls’ Connection With Nick Fury (& Why It Turned Bad)

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

The Skrulls collaborated with Captain Marvel to defeat their enemies, and in the process, they also develop a good alliance with Nick Fury. By the end of Captain MarvelCarol takes the Skrulls away in order to find them a new home. But did she really fulfill her promise? Well, it doesn’t seem so; the Skrulls’ longing for a home planet and the unfulfilled promise created deep resentment and wrath in them, which will leads to Secret Invasion. They have been good allies to Nick Fury for a long time and trusted him, too, but now they are on the verge of taking matters into their own hands by wreaking havoc and claiming Earth as their rightful home, much like in Marvel Comics. That’s the reason Nick Fury returns to Earth after his chilling vacation at the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station.

But as the MCU doesn’t bring the whole comic book page-by-page to the screen, we don’t know what twist the Secret Invasion storyline might bring. The Skrulls aren’t someone who has infiltrated Earth overnight, but have been doing it for years, which makes the viewer question the existence of the familiar faces whether they are real or just Skrulls in disguise. As per the comics, Skrulls replaced many influential figures and superheroes secretly before the invasion.

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According to the trailerKingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik is hinted at as the Super Skrull in the series and also a persuasive leader of the faction of Skrulls, who has dangerous intentions in store for the earth as well as Nick Fury. For those of you who don’t know, Gravik is a completely new character in the Marvel universe, as he doesn’t come from the comics.

Even though Skrull leader Talos looks like he is on Fury’s side in this invasion, none of the characters in the series can be fully trusted. The series will premiere June 21 to answer all the cliffhanger questions that viewers have been waiting for since the aftermath of Captain Marvelwhich is available on Disney+ for you to watch.

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